Thursday, September 4, 2008

Satisfying Deeds and A Look Back to 2000

Isn’t it interesting how the most mundane chores—the kinds that come up randomly and are always inconvenient—how once completed, it is strangely satisfying? Today, I successfully filled my power steering fluid reservoir, inflated my tires to a satisfactory psi level, and changed the refrigerator light bulb. Of course those are a few of the many things I’ve completed today, but for some reason they have filled me with the most satisfaction. I think it’s because those kinds of things are usually nuisances that don’t fit into the regular routine of a day, so to get them done makes you feel so good.

I remember when I was single and after having accomplished things like this, I would think to myself how great and independent I was, “look at me, I don’t need no man.” Well, the tides have changed, and I’ll graciously and happily admit that I do need a man, or at least my man, but that’s a whole ‘nother bag of apples….

This week my fitness classes have once again begun. I’m so glad to reincorporate Pilates, Yoga, and Powertone into my workout. Although it’s funny, because during the Olympics I saw tremendous gains in my cardio endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility, simply because I kept thinking about how the athletes wouldn’t give up or give in too soon, so consequently, I kept going longer, harder, and stronger at the gym and on my many two hour hikes. I even began running up the top of a hill on one particular trail that I had previously almost passed out at the top. Now that’s progress! Or maybe I just remembered to eat more, inspired by Michael Phelps’ 12,000 calorie plan. HAHA!

Anyway, with the fall semester starting at BYU and seeing all of the kids back on campus, it takes me back to the year 2000 when I started my freshman year. Those were some wild and crazy days that I’ll never forget filled with dances and late nights, but I’m glad to have moved on, because my life keeps getting better and better with each passing year. Here are some pictures from that time that I dug out of the vault. Too bad I don't have any of my dorm room in David John Hall floor 3100. I just remember that during the first week I covered my cinder block wall with Reggie Miller photos and had a pink bedspread covering that super elevated bed. I wonder how my roommate felt about my decor choices...Cara was one cool New Jersey girl, so I think she was okay with me expressing my personality like that. :)

Okay, so I did look like a little kid, but here is me pictured mostly with my bestest Delaware buddy, BrodieLynn. Oh those "W" hall boys that we used to hang out with way more than the boys of our own wards. And by the way, I don't think I've eaten spaghettios since that time. Something about me getting on a healthy kick and never looking back. :)

That last picture is me and my sister Mandy, when we used to coach b-ball at Pleasant Grove High School. Now that was a unique experience for an eighteen year-old to be entirely in charge of a group of sophomore girls, while my sister, with all of the collegiate playing experience, was the head varsity coach. What a great opportunity, though. I loved it. Thanks sis!

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