Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Be Prepared

Yesterday at my step aerobics class we had a substitute teacher. Apparently, she got the memo that Emily is “practicing” to become a fitness instructor. So she called me up and asked me if I could take over the last fifteen minutes of class because she had an important commitment she needed to leave for that evening. I wasn’t exactly prepared to do it, but of course I responded with an enthusiastic, “sure, I’d love to!”

So instead of getting up in front of the class and trying to guide them through a dance-y step aerobics combo that I had prepared, I got to do something I’m much better at—weights and stretching, even though I wasn’t fully prepared. And it went great! I lead the class through bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder presses, and then pushups and some core work using plank position. We never got our mats out, so because I have so much sport experience (basketball, track, softball, volleyball, and gymnastics) I was able to draw from my repertoire of stretches without equipment.

It reminds me of my favorite basketball player, Reggie Miller. He got his moment to shine on the court in high school when the starting player brought the wrong uniform to a road game. He took his moment and shot the lights out that night, earning his position as a starter and then eventually going on to a prolific basketball career at UCLA and in the NBA for the Indiana Pacers.

The moral of this blog is: “always be prepared.” You never know what opportunity life will throw at you, so seize your moment. Seize the day. It could lead you into a whole new realm of being.

As a side, I am absolutely thrilled because I found someone who is going to let me borrow the $400.00 package worth of ACE study materials, so that I can prepare to take the “Group Fitness Instructor” test. Gosh, it sure never hurts to ask!


Marissa Marie said...

I like Reggie too...and that's cool! You little aerobicizer you! Ha ha, I don't actually know how I should spell that word...

Amy said...

I'm laughing hysterically! I wish I could have been there and I wish you would have lead them in some aerobic dance number. It would have reminded me of our swim routines! I'm still laughing!