Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My Mommy's birthday was last Saturday. I told her I made her a triple layer chocolate birthday cake with chocolate ganache frosting. Too bad she was in Pennsylvania, so I had to share the cake with my in-laws, because it was my Father-in-law's birthday on Easter Sunday. We celebrated with the family on Saturday.

This is what the cake looked like. It's hard to get the full effect from the picture. It looked kinda cool in person, I promise. Too bad it was too tall to transport in my cake caddy, so the 3-d blue chocolate decorations were crushed and then disposed of. Oh well.

This past weekend, I also discovered that molding rice krispy treats in plastic easter eggs really works and makes for a fun Easter egg themed treat.
This is the best mini onion quiche recipe. I added finely diced leftover Easter ham, among other modifications, and these turned out delicious. YUM! I tripled the recipe and froze most of them as a part of my continuing ploy to get get my husband to eat breakfast. He has loved the breakfast burritos I made and also froze, as well as the "Deceptively Delicious" mini banana cauliflower bread muffins.And something else to get excited about is more March Madness this weekend (even if my bracket is ruined)!!! Too bad Hylan will be working all day and all night, so I'll have to jump up and down and cheer for my teams all alone. It's okay because he's working hard to build me a house...and maybe we'll get a chance to get away for our anniversary coming up in two and a half weeks! Two years already!!!

I have a good life! :)

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