Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April: Easter, Anniversary, & Rosie's Namesake

We had another dinner party on Easter Sunday, April 5th!  This will likely be my last hosting event for a bit, but I had just enough energy (and a spiral cut ham from Costco) to motivate me.

Again, my sister's family came over, bringing their funeral potatoes.  YUM.  I spent the Saturday before making this festive carrot cake.  

I spent Sunday morning making these hot cross buns.  Also a hit!

We had dinner (really lunch) in between LDS General Conference sessions. There was the yummy ham and potatoes, peas, pickled beets and eggs, and the baked goods.  I also found some cute Easter lollipops at a local candy store called Peppermint Place. It was certainly enough food for our party of 9 (4 adults, 5 kids).

We also did an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard because I wanted Naomi to have the experience.

Naomi was so excited to receive a Cinderella Magiclip.  She had been watching youtube videos that featured these toys with their dresses and how to make new dresses out of play-doh.

She plays with it for hours every single day.  She also got a Little People Belle and Beast, but Cinderella is her most favorite!  I found it at Smith's Grocery story, but we have since bought a whole set from Target so that we can use the princesses as bribes for something in the future.  :)


Well, anyway, so yesterday was our anniversary.

Hylan surprised me by rearranging his schedule so that we could celebrate last Saturday!  He has been working so hard in preparation for taking time off with Rosie baby and I thought he was going to put in a full day Saturday and an even fuller day on Monday, so his efforts to clear some time for just the two of us were greatly appreciated!

He had intended to take me to see Insurgent but I wasn't feeling up to sitting through a movie when we left, so we ended up getting slurpees at 7-Eleven and then going to Target to buy a double stroller.  

After that, he took me to get a much needed pedicure!  I have been wanting one for so long and it felt so good to be pampered a bit.

And then dinner at The Chef's Table, one of my favorite restaurants!

This was waiting for me when we got there. :)

Of course I took no pictures of the food except for dessert, but trust me it was delicious and worth every penny!

Cheesecake for Hylan

Chocolate Dome with Raspberry Sauce for me--THE PERFECT DESSERT!

I really appreciate a quality meal with the best ingredients prepared with the finest techniques!

It was a great day and a much needed date because we rarely get out without taking Nomie girl with us.


So now the countdown to Rosie continues!  My due date is Monday, April 20th, but today I will schedule an induction, most likely for Friday, if she doesn't come before then.  

A note on her name.

Little miss Rosie is being named after my grandmother's mother.  Her full name will be Rosalie Maybelle Harper.

My grandmother (Naomi's namesake) lost her mom when she was just 4 years old, a point that has defined her whole life (my grandma is now 91).

Maybelle Rosalie Christina Lewis
with her husband Simeon David Conger
My great grandparents

Maybelle was born in Salt Lake, married in St. George, and passed away in the Las Vegas area.  She was a wonderful singer and was even invited to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at age 19. She also loved the church and attending Sunday School.  She just seems to me to have been a person who was happy and loved life.  She had 11 children, each of which has long since passed away, with the exception of my grandmother.  

I feel strongly connected to my ancestors and can't think of a better way to honor them. I think our meetings and reunions will be so sweet in the after-life!

And so we are excited to meet and love this new little girl who is coming into our lives very soon!  I think I am better prepared this time around and hope to have a better recovery (at least mentally, if not physically as well).  

I also hope that sisters Nomie and Rosie will become close and share a special bond.  

We are about to become a family of four!   


And now this blog is current.  PHEW.  Just in the nick of time.  :)

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Love namesakes! And happy anniversary!