Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone (in 11 easy steps)

This is the story of how to eat an ice cream cone by Naomi Evelyn Harper.

Step 1: Take a big bite out of the middle of the cone!  Yum.

Step 2: Keep gnawing the cone (ignoring the ice cream because it's too cold).

 Step 3: Contemplate what action to take next.

Step 4: Lick fingers. (I've got this!)

Step 5: Try new approach--eat cone upside down!

Step 6: Just keep eating! (think Dory voice "just keep swimming")

Step 7: Offer mommy some.

Step 8: Ice cream painting!

Step 9: Push ice cream out and peer through the empty cone.

Step 10: Discover a new way to eat ice cream via the dip method.


Step 11: Place cone in empty bowl and declare "all done."  (She was actually doing the sign for "all done" not waving goodbye like it looks like.)

It's as simple as that folks.  Nomie "told" me it's how the kids eat their cones these days.  Oh, kids.  Every new generation trying to reinvent the wheel.

The End.

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