Friday, June 20, 2014

Consequences of Traveling So Much

Okay, so it has been a while.

See, what ha-happened was...a lot of traveling.

And then after all that traveling, a lot of sickness!  Baby girl had "hand foot mouth," then I was sick with a fever and sore throat for over a week.  Then after we started feeling better, baby got sick again (fever, throwing up).

I realized yesterday that this week I hadn't been out of the house, except to take the trash out a few times, since Sunday afternoon. So, we got out of the house to go to the grocery store.  And baby was whiny the whole time.

After that, I put the groceries away and started to prep dinner while she whined and whined until this happened:

I mean.

Poor girl.

She had had no rhythm or routine since Sunday, so I was not necessarily encouraging a second nap, since she was keeping us up at night.  I guess she took the matter into her own hands.  

Oh, yeah, plus she is getting at least 4 teeth!  And she is NOT happy about it.

Is this normal?  She cut her first two around 8 months, the next two a couple months later.  And then nothing for at least five months.  Now at least four are coming in that I can see/feel.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are more.

I don't think being sick twice in a few weeks and getting multiple teeth makes for a happy girl.  But I sure look forward to my happy, joy-loving and joy-giving girl to return soon.

I have great intentions to blog about our Disney trip and then my epic East Coast jaunt with Naomi.  And also Thanksgiving 2013.  But for now, we're trying to fully recover and make some time to do something fun.

Like this quick visit to the zoo last Saturday.

Hylan has been working crazy hours including Saturdays, so we squeezed this excursion in before the second illness struck Nomie.  Too bad all the big kitties were sleeping (and so was Naomi most of the time). I really like  Hogle Zoo though.  Cute, small, easy to navigate, nestled in a sweet little Utah spot.  

Now, I have to put "Frozen" on for the 13th time this week (how many total does that make since it came out?).  Yup.  That's what got us through some long nights and whiny mornings.  No other movie will satisfy! Olaf makes everyone happy!  

And hopefully, Naomi will like food again.  *sigh.  She was such a great eater before.  

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