Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March Update

Once upon a time, Princess Naomi had a green piggy bank that was very hungry.  So, Princess Naomi decided to feed him with money she received during birthday/holidays mostly from her grandparents and also loose change that King Daddy gave to her.

Well, green piggy got very full and had tummy ache.  So, King Daddy asked Princess Naomi and Queen Mommy to come to the office so that green piggy could have a detox procedure done...

Okay, this story is getting dumb.  

And then we took Naomi to make her first deposit at one of the Chase branches Hylan covers.

 Ready to empty Piggy's belly.

This is very official.

Oh, money.

 I did it, Daddy.  Thanks for my new bank account.  

Naomi's first deposit grand total: $46.08.  I include that detail because I feel like that will buy a candy bar when Naomi is 18.  Guess, we'll have to keep on saving.  ;)


So, one day, March 13th to be exact, I realized that Naomi's hair is getting long.  

And it was time... 

 For the back piggy tails!  
Pippi Longstocking in due time.


Then there was that awesome green holiday I like to call, St. Patty's Day.  And since I'm in a much happier emotional state this year, I decided to go all out!  Well, cooking all day, that is.

I made Irish Soda Bread.  Of course.  We love that stuff.  I used this recipe this time and it's my favorite, a slightly sweet biscuit taste.  Hylan loved it too.

I also made a Turkey Shepherd's Pie with mashed sweet potatoes but didn't take a picture.  It was actually very tasty and I enjoyed eating it as leftovers the rest of the week.  I didn't use a recipe, but made it with the traditional flavors (ground turkey, onion, flour, chicken stock, s&p, thyme,Worcestershire, tomato paste, peas, carrots, corn, and mashed the sweet potatoes with butter, milk, and salt, and added an egg yolk). 

And dessert had to be special too.  This year:

Truth be told, I didn't love the dessert at first.  Everything in our meal had an element of sweetness, so by the time dessert rolled around, my taste buds were overloaded with too much sweet.

But the next day, that pie was pretty darn good.  It has a layer of chocolate on the bottom sprinkled with pistachios, a layer of pistachio pudding sprinkled with pistachios, pistachio cream sprinkled with pistachios (cool whip and pistachio pudding--easy recipe, folks), and then cool whip on top, with more pistachios as garnish.  

And my little elf baby became a leprechaun for the day.

Speaking of the leprechaun, she finally learned how to walk and her little pitter patters are so very cute.

Funny story:

I was talking to someone in Relief Society (our women's meeting at church) and she asked if Naomi was walking.  I told her, "well she stands and walks around holding on to furniture and sometimes if she gets distracted, she will take a step or hold her stance for a while, but no, not really walking yet."  Well, then a little later in the meeting, Naomi stands up and takes about 3 steps (witnessed by the lady I was talking to about it).  It was awesome!

Then, later after church, Hylan and I took a walk around our neighborhood and started talking to some of our neighbors.  The same lady was there and asked, "so, has Naomi walked some more today?"  And then I was like, "oh, yeah, Hylan I forgot to tell you Naomi took her first real unassisted steps all by her self today."  Ooops.  How did I forget?

Anyway, that was back in early March.

And since I have your attention and since my whole world revolves around my baby, I'll just add that her favorite foods are: bananas! mandarin oranges, Gerber cheese crunchies, scrambled eggs! and cheerios.  But writing that makes it seem like she doesn't like anything else.  Well, this baby will eat pretty much everything if she's hungry and if we're patient in letting her explore new foods.  Sometimes, she just needs a lid or a spoon for distraction, or to see the food in its whole form (hello, gourmet ravioli).

On the subject of food, sometimes I think, man, this girl eats so healthy, I should eat like her.  And then I think, wait, I do eat like her.  Wait, she eats like me!  Ha ha.  And...why do you think she wears so much pink? It's cute how baby girls often reflect the style of their moms until they become more independent.  Did that tangent make sense?  I'm too tired to edit my writing.  Are you still reading my lazy writing?  ha.

I think I've failed at trying to teach Nome sign language, probably because I forget...but she is a charmer with her hello and goodbye waves.  I think we walk around just brightening people's days and that is awesome! And she can still learn, unless the words come sooner.  :)  Dadda, Momma, and Nanna she seems to say and understand.

I'm sure other significant and insignificant stuff occurred in March, but by now you are bored, so until next time.

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