Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Balding Beauty

Ah, nothing sweeter than sleeping babies, am I right Mommas?

Little Naomi was born with a fair amount of dark hair.  This is what is left of it now.

Notice the few little long strands that give her a mullet.

But sadly her hair has rubbed off on top and is thinning and falling out in the back.  It's gotten even worse in the few days since these pictures were taken.

See?  She looks so bald.  But it will grow back, I'm sure of it and I wonder what color it will be. Based on her eyebrows, I think it might come in lighter and more golden like mine (I was born with thick dark hair and Hylan had white blonde hair as a tyke, so we traded).

On the bright side, her eyelashes grow a little more each day and I love them! Baby eyelashes are so precious.  

She is our life right now.  Well, she and a little bit of March Madness.  :)

Happy 6 1/2 weeks mark.  It really is getting a little bit better each day (especially on the ones that I get more sleep--4 times sleeping about 6 hours = glorious!)  And I've absolutely loved teaching classes again.  I think we're going to make it, folks, I think I just might make it!!  Goodbye baby blues, you were too cruel.


Katie Jo said...

I tell you it's the glorious 7 week mark!!! :) :) Glad you're back teaching and loving it. She's so cute, and her hair will grow in great!! You know that little scrub thing they send home from the hospital? I use that on my babies heads to wash the, the scrub part. I think it helps the hair follicles. I didn't do it as much with Dirk, and he was bald forever.

Angie said...

She is so cute!! Congratulations guys!! The blues are definitely cruel. Glad you're coming out of it!!! Now time to enjoy!