Friday, November 2, 2012

26 weeks and counting

Time to take a break from the food posts and do another pregnancy update.  Today, I'm officially 26 weeks and have about 98 days left!

Photo: First day wearing a maternity shirt and kitty photo bombs.
25 1/2 weeks (first day I wore a maternity shirt)
Love that furry photo bomb!

Regrettably, I have finally started to transition into a few maternity pieces here and there.  I bought one of those belly BeBands and have a like/dislike relationship with it.  I like it at first because it helps everything feel snug and in place, but I dislike it after a few hours when things naturally shift from movement.  It's also annoying when you use the bathroom and have to reorganize all of your clothes.  It has made it so that I haven't had to wear maternity pants yet though, so that's good because those things scare me (except for the yoga ones).  So, on most Tue/Wed/Thursdays I change from my pajamas to my workout clothes (I love that my work clothes are workout clothes now!) back to my pajamas when I don't have to go anywhere else.

I'm still mostly feeling well teaching my classes, though Powertone is becoming increasingly difficult.  Sometimes I just have to put the weight down and continue to coach my students until the dizzies go away.  Other than that, it's not too bad and I usually regain some momentum during Yoga and Pilates.

I haven't had any strange cravings and am really back to my normal eating habits as well.  I still think I ate way more (and craved more sugar) when I was training for a half marathon than I do right now, but that might change as I soon transition into the third trimester.

Having said that, I think I've finally surpassed the most amount I've ever weighed in my life.  Obviously, weight gain is inevitable and a good thing at this stage of my life, but it is still weird.  But it was also weird to gain weight and retain water like crazy when I was training for that half marathon too, so I think I'm fairing pretty well.  (Note to self, running is not the best form of exercise for my body. Seriously.  Though, I'll probably do another race post baby, just to prove that I can.)  I'm hoping not to gain much more than 25 lbs when all is said and done, so we'll see.

I have been lucky not to have experienced any swelling/water retention or heartburn yet, and I would really love it if that continued.  Though my skin hasn't gotten too oily (it's so dry in Utah and my skin is usually dry normally anyway), I did have a small bout of backne and a few breakouts on my face, but I think I've got that under control now.  So again, not much to complain about here.

I think it's funny when my pregnancy apps talk about how I probably have an outie belly button by now and that pesky Linea nigra.  My belly button is still very much an innie and I'm quite sure I'll avoid any dark line down my belly since I have skin that is about as pale as it comes.  I also asked my mom and sis about those things and they said they never experienced either of those two things and have very minimal stretch marks to boot.  So, we'll see if I can avoid those too.

Last thing I can think of is that I don't need to sleep as much as I did before, but I still take an occasional nap here and there if I need it.  And I don't feel a bit guilty about it EVER!  I may never have that luxury again, so I'm taking advantage of it.    

And as an update, I think I forgot to post about what our doctor said about the single umbilical artery.  He said that they really don't worry too much about it unless the kidneys look effected.  According to the original ultrasound, everything looked fine, but I'll probably go in for another ultrasound in December.  Also, Naomi is in breech position, so hopefully she'll flip herself around by the time she needs to, or that the doctor can flip her over (he said he that he can but I haven't figure out how yet) because I want to avoid a C-section.

I'm no longer fearful of anything but a healthy baby girl thanks to a priesthood blessing giving to me by Hylan.    Apparently, this little girl and I are going to be two peas in a pod, and I like that just fine.


Bridget said...

You are so stinkin' cute!! Love your belly!
Clothing is just not comfy when pregnant. Then again, I don't think "comfy" and "pregnant" belong in the same sentence.
Hopefully Naomi (LOVE) will flip around soon! :)
And soooo grateful for the priesthood! What a blessing!! :)
Hope you guys are well!!

Bret and Ashlee said...

I love following your blog and seeing your fun pregnancy updates! We're sad you guys are glad we have blogs to stay in touch!