Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Spooktacular Meal

Ah Halloween, that time of year when I purchase hot dogs, crescent rolls, and processed American cheese...and barely bat an eyelash.  (By the way, Costco sells their Kirkland brand all beef/no fillers/no preservatives hot dogs, 3 packages of 12 (36 total), for $9.99.  And they are super juicy and delicious.  Worth the indulgence!)  

I just love it when I get to host family for a festive meal.  My mom is in town and my sister's family came up for a spooktacular meal a few days ago.  Here was our feast with some old, some original, and some new ideas.

Jack-O-Lantern!  (Carrots, olives, sweet pickles)  Hylan is good, isn't he?

Cream of Broccoli Soup (aka Green Goblin Goo)
Only the adults ate it, so it didn't really need a clever name.

Classic Mummy Dogs!  (Hylan and Mom's interpretation)

Hylan even made a kitty cat!

(Also pictured: dip for veggies, assorted crackers, apples for pumpkin dip, cheese for the soup)

My beautiful cookies!  These took forever to make because they are so tiny, but this maple cookie recipe combined with the pumpkin dip was a big hit with the kids (who by the way, weren't as impressed with the mummy dogs!)  Oh well.  

Shapes included: Acorns, Skulls, Pumpkins, Moons, Oak Leaves, and Maple Leaves

Orange soda bottle made into a pumpkin!
And then, this was supposed to be the featured drink, but when I was taking the label off of the soda bottle, I poked a hole in it and had to quickly dump the drink into the only pitcher I have, which unfortunately is not very Halloweenie.  

By the way, have you had orange soda lately?  You know, that fake orange carbonated sickeningly sweet syrup.  Well, don't!  Because it is disgusting!  It sounds refreshing in theory, and once upon a time, I think I might have liked it when I was 10, but those days are over.  Since kids don't care, they drank it, but next time I'll try an orange Gatorade bottle and then maybe we will all enjoy a festive looking beverage.  

All in all, it was a fun meal and an even greater day, capped off with a little play at this sweet park.

And yes, I did climb to the top.  I had been saying for awhile that I would be climbing up that thing if I weren't pregnant, blah blah blah, but this time I just decided to do it and I'm glad I did because it was thrilling and fun!  I've always been a little monkey that way (just a little pregnant monkey now).  Ha ha!

By the way, I've still been holding out on another big announcement and I'm not quite ready to reveal it yet, but it has a lot to do with this park.  :o)

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Katie Jo said...

Ooooh I bet you're moving or something! Just have to say, that if you hate that orange soda... be fully prepared for your Glucose Test because it is drinking that orange soda... but worse! :) Maybe your OB will have different flavors but mine is always the orange. I don't think it's too bad... but most people gag. And if you throw up, you have to start over! hahah Just fyi. Your food was awesome... I love the carrots and mummy's!