Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emily's Favorite Things (epic edition, part III)

Welcome to Part III of a five part series on Emily's Favorite Things. Let me know if you love/hate my picks in the comment section. 

3.) Silk Fruit & Protein Strawberry Banana Soy Milk

This is a new one that I bought on a whim one day. This milk is so sweet and tasted so much like a creamy strawberry banana smoothie on it's own that even I was surprised. I mean, I've been experimenting in the alternative milk realm a little, but I did not expect such a treat! Hylan even loves this stuff and he is definitely much more weary of alternative milks. Don't worry, I'm not bashing cow milk, because I still love me some moo juice! I don't really believe in all of the scary rhetoric about how drinking cow's milk is evil...let's not even go there.

Anyway, I'm really still quite astonished by how delicious this milk is. Sure, it's got some sugar in it, but I also don't subscribe to the theory that all sugar consumption is inherently evil. Too much of it, well of course excessive consumption has ill effects, but again, that's a discussion for another time. 

My favorite way to drink this milk is blended in a smoothie with Greek yogurt, banana, strawberries and/or blueberries, ice (and my flaxseed, chia seed, psyllium husk combo, but that's a personal thing). I don't usually do the happy dance for a smoothie, since I often make smoothies that are more on the nutritious side than they are on the candy sweet/milkshake side, but this one has me tapping my feet and shaking my hips. It goes without saying that you definitely don't need to add any sweetener. In fact, you may even want to "cut" it with some plain rice/soy/cow/almond milk of your choice.

I think the surprise factor also makes this Strawberry Banana Silk Soy Milk so good too. You just don't expect it. Anyway, from what I understand, it's relatively new, so check it out. They have two other flavors: Mango Peach and Mixed Berry.  Have you tried any of them?

Coming up on "Emily's Favorite Things (epic edition, part IV)," CHOC-O-LATE!

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