Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupcake Craft

Okay, I can admit it.  Hylan is better at crafts than me. 

We didn't set expectations for Valentine's Day.  I figured the cookies I made counted for "celebrating."    

So, when Hylan called and said he'd take care of dinner and a surprise, I was thrilled because I don't usually get home from teaching until 7:30 pm.  By then, I'm tired and ready to gear down for sleepy time so I prepare something as quick and nutritious as I can and then relax on the couch for a little bit.

When I arrived home from a 3 class kind of day, I didn't know exactly what to expect and this is what I discovered:

The table was set with dinner and this delicious cupcake bouquet! I mean, really? You'd think he bought it, right?

Nope, that creative husband of mine went to Hobby Lobby (it's literally 45 seconds from our house so we go there a lot) bought flower stems and flower cupcake liners and then some gourmet cupcakes from The Cocoa Bean and assembled this delightful edible bouquet.  He came up with this idea all on his own and executed it perfectly.  What the heck?  I knew I married this guy for a reason...and I keep rediscovering why!

You can also see evidence of our gourmet Chick-fil-A feast.  Can't complain about that! :)   

Um, really?  Doesn't that just look delicious?

We completed our meal with a bite of each cupcake.  6 Cupcakes for 6 years of marriage (officially in April).   

Oh, and my special surprise was a giant pink diamond.

That's L.O.V.E.   


Ginny said...

Is he secretly on pinterest somewhere? Those cupcake flowers are cook. I'm wondering if I can recreate them through AC Moore for Riley's birthday.

Bridget said...

Holy batman! Major points for Hylan!!