Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Highlights

I'm just not feeling Christmas yet.

Anyone else out there feeling the same? I mean, we've decorated our house (even put up two trees this year), hung and staked our new outdoor lights, did a smidgen of Black Friday shopping (which was only to purchase new Christmas tree, lights, and decorations), and I've also watched a couple of cheesy TV Christmas programs (though Hoops & YoYo was a disappointment, right?), but it just doesn't feel like the season yet. It still seems too early!

With that said, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Most of my pictures turned out blurry--could it be because I was more focused on making a delicious feast? Yes, I think so. Nonetheless, here are a few pics:

The menu! I couldn't have done it without my lists!

Last of the shopping list--took me 3 grocery stores just to get everything on this list: Costco, WalMart, and Fresh Market, but it was worth it!

The table(s)! I tried not to break the budget buying fancy new tablecloths and centerpieces, though I wished I could have! It's okay though, because food is the most important!!

My sister couldn't be with us because baby Tessa was born on Monday, November 21st, but her family came for some gobble gobble and I sent them home with a pile of leftovers so she too could enjoy a Yankee feast.

I kept the Hors d'oeuvres simple: crudites: celery, carrots, cucumbers, red bell pepper and dip; crackers: Ritz and Wheat Thins, honey mustard pretzels (my latest obsession--made by Snyder's, a PA company!), whole grain pretzel sticks, and hummus for dipping; as well as sweet pickles, olives, and roasted nuts. Brigham sure loved those "cracks." :)

For some reason my rolls were photogenic. Fresh baked Thursday morning and delicious, if I do say so myself, and I do!

Sure looks like the kid's table. I guess now the adults were all getting their food. Oh and Martinelli's Sparkling Cider on the table, in case you're wondering. ;o)

This was my plate.

Hylan's plate is quite pretty, don't ya think? I'm so proud of him for eating sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts--I'm making a new man out of him, I tell ya!

Wow, and that's about the best pie picture I have. Too bad. You'd think he'd be happier since he's about to eat some delicious Pumpkin and Chocolate Cream Pies. Haha! He was...just not quite as thrilled to have his picture taken.

Shameless self portrait.

I just love Thanksgiving so much! :) The only thing better is Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania.


Bridget said...

Yum! That all sounds and looks delicious! Makes me hungry for another Thanksgiving dinner already!

Emilee said...

Wow! You are amazing! I would love a good succotash recipe. Send it over to me when you have a second. I LOVE succotash. Oh . . and cute Thanksgiving shirt! :)