Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, what do you do all day?

One of my favorite questions to get asked is, "so, what do you do all day?" As if to say, not working full time equates to boredom and laziness. Well, if there is one thing I've discovered about myself it's that no matter how hard I seek to not be busy, busy-ness seems to find me!

For example, during the past two weeks I have taught fitness classes galore. The grand total was 20 in two weeks. That is a significant improvement from the typical 4 in two weeks. In preparation for those teaching weeks, I attended almost as many of those same classes as a way to refresh my Pilates and Powertone skills and get a few extra yoga practices in! I must admit that a schedule like that requires much stamina and I admire Deni for maintaining that kind of rigor semester after semester! I sure slept well too, though sore muscles do make it even more difficult to roll out of bed.

Additionally, a regular part of my life includes almost border-line obsessive cleaning. I know it's just me and Hylan, and we spend significant amounts of time away from home, but I simply must scrub my entire house clean from top to bottom at least weekly regardless of whether or not one may still see vacuum lines in the carpet from last week's cleaning, or already spotless mirrors and sparkling fixtures. It's habit! Not to mention, it's easier to clean a clean house. HA! I'm also a bit obsessive about keeping the laundry piles to the barest of minimums, so as soon as one of the itemized labeled laundry baskets fills up enough for a load, it gets washed, dried, folded, and put away! Yes, it does get exhausting to try to maintain a perpetual state of clean...and yes, I may have to modify my obsessive tendencies when children enter the home, but I simply must have order in my house or my brain goes berserk!

During the past few weeks, I have also tried to improve the quality of the furnishings in our home. We finally have an entryway with convienent shoe, coat, and hat/purse storage for guests, but that's about as far as we've taken it. I have been on the hunt for an entertainment center and am currently liking the IKEA build your own the way you want it with tons of storage idea, but it has been difficult to let go of our hard-earned pennies to make large-scale purchases. Plus, Hylan is convinced he can build me what I want from scratch. It's not that I doubt him, because I know he can! It's just that I doubt that he has the time to do this. I'm still waiting on that shelf he was going to build to put my front-loading washer/dryer appliances on top of. He was supposed to complete that before we moved in and had those appliances delivered over a year ago! So yeah, you be the judge! Anyway, slowly but surely, we will be able to outfit and organize our space better and actually acquire decent furniture. But for now, we'll continue our fact-finding missions for the best prices and pieces that best fit our space.

These poor quality pictures are from a few weeks ago and represent the roll reversal night we had when I built the entryway furniture and Hylan used my delicious meatballs marinara to make ravioli.

Of course, oftimes spare moments in my days are quickly filled up with cooking or baking experiments (as well as watching recorded episodes of "The Chew" - I love that show!) I've made some winners lately too, but I've also realized that as my freezer fills up with more and more baked goods and leftover meals, perhaps I need to curb my enthusiasm just a bit and eat what we already have instead of continuing to make more! Ha! Nah! Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm hosting, so get ready for a busy week of prepping and cooking ahead!

This week will prove no stranger to busy-ness, to be sure, but it is a much anticipated fun sort of busy-ness, precisely the kind I like! I love Thanksgiving with a passion and will try hard to bring a little bit of Pennsylvania to Utah this year! It should also prove to be a joyful kick-off to the rest of the holiday season, as my sister is scheduled to be induced to have her baby girl tomorrow. That means I should get to spend some priceless moments with my nieces and nephew too.

Now, if only I could figure out how to do more frequent shorter blog posts, so that each post is less wordy...

Oh well, snce I didn't really have great pictures to spice this post up, I'll conclude with this delightful shot of the one I call husband! How could I not love that face?!

Until next time!

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