Friday, September 2, 2011

From The Mixed Up Mind of Mrs. E.M.W. Harper

Sometimes I have random thoughts that I would like to voice. If you’re next question was, “like what?” You’re in luck, because I was just about to share some of them with you.

A few days ago, I noticed a daddy long-legger on the stairs outside of work. It prompted a question in my mind, what are female daddy long-leggers called? Mommy long-leggers? No, no one calls them that. Therefore, due to my inability to tell the gender of spiders by looking at them, I issue a formal public apology to all the female daddy long-leggers of the world for incorrectly labeling you male. I, for one, would certainly not want to be identified as a “daddy.”

In the interest of not grossing you out, here is a cartoonized version of a daddy long-legger.

Whew, glad I got that one out.

Next up, inadvertent car honks. Don’t you wish there was a “car horn cancel button?” It could raise a little white flag over your car or allow you to project your voice to the cars around you with something like: “terribly sorry sir/m’am, I didn’t mean to beep at you” or “please excuse the inadvertent car honk.” You know, some way to ease the irritation that inevitable happens when someone feels they are being honked at for no good reason. Maybe you don’t care or you don’t feel sheepish like me when an accidental honk occurs, but I, for one, wish there was some way to communicate my apologies better.

Side note: good thing this situation doesn’t really occur all that often.

Third, I’ve seen brown rice crispy cereal granola bar and snack recipes on the internet lately and have only recently discovered for myself that these cereals actually do exist in regular grocery stores. Most of the time they are made by smaller health food companies and there is usually a limited supply.

So, I wonder to myself why doesn't Kellogg’s make this a mainstream trend. There is plenty of interest in healthy foods these days. Thus, here is my plea:

Dear Kellogg’s,

Please develop and mass market Kellogg’s Brown Rice Krispies cereal. Thank you.


P.S. Cocoa Krispies do not count as “brown.”

Is that really too much to ask? I, for one, would buy them. Would you?

Last of all, I just have to say out loud that one of my favorite smells in the whole entire world - that I like probably even more than freshly baked bread (but only because this particular smell is rarer) - is NEW TIRE SMELL. I just love it! I love walking past the tire department at Costco. I love when people buy new cars and you can smell the fresh rubber. The other day while walking on my lunch break, I could smell brand new tires on a truck and it made me smile. Seriously, I smiled out loud. It was awesome! In fact, that was what prompted this entire blog entry. That is how impactful it was.

Ah, I just love the whiff. Is that really so weird?

Side note: there are plenty of other great smells in the world, and as much as I love new tire smell, I would not want that made into a perfume or candle. I’m perfectly happy experiencing that particular smell in the proper place like in tire stores and on cars.

There you have it, a glimpse into my mind. Thank you in advance for not thinking less of me for my quirky thoughts.


Bridget said...

Holy guacamole! If Kellogs would make brown rice krispies I would possibly die from happiness! I have wondered so many times why they don't already!!

Cheryl & Kyle said...

thank you for the interesting ride through your mind.