Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend Review

You know how sometimes you feel like no one in the world cares much about you and your life is dull and blah blah blah...

But then you have a birthday and between facebook comments, text messages, phone calls, emails, and snail mail cards over 70 people acknowledge your existence! It sure gives you a boost! (By the way, those were real people, actual friends as varied from lifelong friends, elementary/junior high/high school/college mates, former teammates, old neighbors, new neighbors, roommates, church friends, coworkers, and family members, to name a few. Additionally, I also got at least a dozen token birthday cards and coupons from various businesses. So far, I've only managed to use Noodles & Company and Rodizio, but I'll have to use at least one of the Maggie Moo's/Cold Stone/Dairy Queen/Basin Robbins coupons before they expire. Don't know if I'll get around to Texas Roadhouse, Winger's, Red Robin, Tucanos, The Happy Sumo, or Mimi's Cafe in time, but we shall see!)

Wow, I mean for the sheer acknowledgement alone, I think facebook is awesome and someday I will convince Hylan to join too! But, he's "an old man" and doesn't "have time for it." Perhaps he just pretends not to care, or maybe he really doesn't. I think he just doesn't know what he's missing.

So, that's why birthdays are neat. And by the way, it's July (my favorite month!) so I wasn't really feeling like nobody cared about me, but someday when I am feeling down, I'll remember weekends like this past one!

No pictures of it, but we sure enjoyed our dinner at The Tree Room on Saturday night. SO GOOD! Everyone remotely close to Sundance should save their pennies and eat there several times in their lifetime.

My coworkers threw me a fun work party with an exercise/MyPlate theme on Friday.

For my present, Hylan bought me a new set of dumbbells. He gave them to me on Friday because I asked him if it was a gift I would want to use on Saturday. And I did use them, only I made the mistake of trying each and every exercise, maximum reps, doing cario intervals on the treadmill in between each set. Needless to say, two hours later, I was worked out! And it felt great. :o)

Sunday, my actual birthday, was a normal church kind of a day with phone calls from my Mom and two of my brothers, as well as checking facebook and text messages. I took a picture of the delicious and creative breakfast I made in the morning but I forgot to save it on my phone, so just imagine beautiful sweet potato pancake/latkes with maplehoneybrownsugarcinnamonbuttersyrup, bell pepper/onion scrambled eggs with cheese, and a honeydew yogurt smoothie. It was good. Even Hylan who disdains sweet potatoes, ate it up! It's always rewarding for me to cook from my brain instead of a recipe.

Anyway, I hope I have sufficiently thanked everyone who has wished me well on my birthday. Now it's time to live it up for the last year of another decade.


Bridget said...

It sounds like a great bday!! Those pancakes sound yummy, and I drooled a bit reading "tree room." Mmmmmmm.

Ginny said...

Sorry I missed your birthday on facebook. Happy Birthday - late. I will always think of you and the others I had as MiaMaids as being 14. Just so you know.