Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lucky Streak Continues

I think people who say, "I never win anything" either don't try hard enough or are just looking for some attention. That, or they are forgetful.

Lately, it seems most of my "wins" involve food. My most recent win, for example, is a strawberry cookbook from the California Strawberry Commission.

Because I'm a little bit obsessed with strawberries, one day I decided to "like" their page on Facebook. I've mentioned this before, but we get THE BEST, big, fat, juicy California strawberries at Costco. I just can't get enough! Anyway, all I had to do was comment on a post on their page to win. It only took a few seconds and a few tries and then:

California Strawberries...The winner of today's cookbook giveaway is Emily Marie Woolstenhulme Harper! We hope you enjoy the cookbook! Please send over your mailing address to

And a week or two later, this showed up in my mailbox. I love cookbooks! I love pretty food pictures. I love strawberries. Man, I am so lucky!

I'll tell you what isn't lucky, though, thinking you are going to fly out of the Salt Lake airport on a Thursday morning at 8:30 am only to sit in the airport the entire day until 6:00 pm only to go home thinking your entire trip to South Carolina has been cancelled. Fortunately, by some luck, it worked out and we were able to arrive in SC a mere 22 hours after we were supposed to on Friday afternoon, but it wasn't without many tears and feelings of disappointment.

But back to the strawberries. Here are some recipes I've been hankering to try.

Chocolate-Strawberry Thumbprints

Strawberries-and-Cream Cheesecake

Strawberry-Shortcake Cookies

Too bad I'm on a strict eating regime and exercise schedule because I'm still trying to lose that blasted 5-7 lb weight gain from the half marathon. Obviously I need to do something different the next time I get the bright idea to run long distances.

So, for now, I'll eat my strawberries plain or with a little yogurt, thankyouverymuch!

Good luck trying to be lucky all! And do tell me if you make any of these recipes. I probably will eventually, because cookies don't make me fat, overeating does, so I'm being a tad dramatic here.

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