Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Real Life Kung Fu Panda Bear

I found this gem of a video several days ago and emailed it to Hylan. For some reason the panda bear reminded me of him. He watched it and responded with this:


I can't believe you caught me training! I didn't think anyone
was watching.


See for yourself here. It won't let me embed the video in this blog, so click here and then come back and read the rest.

Ha ha! I love it. The best part is when he starts doing somersaults, don't you agree? Roly Poly Panda.

Speaking of Pandas, remember when I made these the first time I got to be on GTU? Hylan has a pretty sweet beard in one of the pictures from that post.

They look a little amateurish, so I think I'll have to try my hand at them again. After rereading that post, apparently they were my first trial version, so I maybe I got better on the next round. I'm pretty sure I used this chocolate cupcake recipe with this Swiss meringue butter cream icing.

To make the faces, I piped out all of the features of the face in melted chocolate on parchment paper. After it dries, it's kind of fun to create a face, Mr. Potato Head Style, on each cupcake. I bet kids would like it. I'm a kid, so I like it.

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