Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awkward Emilyisms

I've said a couple of funny awkward things in both of my jobs recently.

Last Thursday, during my yoga class at UVU, instead of ending our practice with a simple, "Namaste," I started to say, "In the name of..." and then stopped myself wondering where I was going with that one. I suppose the closing of a yoga practice is kind of like closing a prayer, but not exactly. I think it caught the students who got the reference off-guard, but they politely laughed. Oops. It probably would have been even funnier more awkward if I would have said it at BYU.

Tangent: For those who may be curious, "Namaste" basically means "my light salutes your light." I could write a dissertation on the wonderful implications of that meaning, but suffice it to say, it really is a beautiful way to end yoga.

The second funny awkward Emilyism happened yesterday during a phone conversation I had with a lady during my day job at BYU. After she said, "thank you," I said, "you're lucky." Err, I mean, you're welcome and good bye. Haha. Or, maybe I did mean, you're lucky for getting to speak with me and that I took all that time to clarify a few things for you.

That's all. I suppose I could have said worse things.

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Dennis Carter said...

An opportunity to talk to Emily sounds pretty lucky to me!!!