Thursday, November 4, 2010

Only in Utah

Yes, it would be nice if the church that is located a stone's throw distance from our new home was actually the building we met in, but alas it is not. In fact, it’s not even in our stake! Only in Utah do you pass multiple Mormon Church buildings to get to the one you actually attend. Only in Utah can you have a lovely view from your very own window(s) of a church meetinghouse that you don’t even get to meet in. Dreams of walking to church have been shattered. Nothing short of a tragedy, I tell you.

This East Coast girl continues to be culture-shocked by my adopted state of 10 years, but when you grow up in an area not populated by many Mormons, and the stake center is only a 45 minute drive away, I guess you have a lot to learn from the Beehive State of mind.

I’ll count my blessings that I have a view of the Provo Temple from the building where I work and that I see the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on my commute home. Yes, High on a Mountain Top Utah, you do still impress me.

Provo Temple

Mt. Timpanogos Temple

And for my next installment of "Life in Home-land," I will discuss my delight with the Dyson.

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Ginny said...

Really??? Well, I guess I won't pack my bags to move to Utah then because I've been dreaming about doing that since I saw that in the background of your pictures. Although a view of the temple from work...well, I may start dreaming again.
Can't wait to hear about the Dyson - we need a new vaccum around here as well.