Friday, October 8, 2010

Have you heard our news?

Hylan and I are “moving on up to the east side!” Actually, we’re leaving the east side of Orem and moving on up to the North, to American Fork, like to a house. TO A HOUSE! Yes, after 3.25 years of living in a basement dungeon apartment and after several bajillion disappointments (yes that is somewhat over exaggerated but not much), we are finally entering the next phase of life. It’s finally time to turn the page and start a new chapter and we are as happy as clams (link to where that phrase comes from).

In no particular order of importance...

Things we’re looking forward to:

  • About 90 seconds to Chik-fil-A
  • M O R E S P A C E (like 3-4 times more)
  • Our own temperature control
  • LIGHT (brighter inside and we will actually be able to see the sun and thunderstorms through real windows)
  • Even closer to the temple
  • A staircase with a lit garland down the banister during Christmastime!
  • A front door (as opposed to a “front” back door)
  • No more shoveling a four car driveway plus an elongated path back to said “front” back door.
  • A GARAGE! My poor car has been homeless since it moved to Utah.
  • No more hauling stuff/groceries/dry cleaning through the elements
  • No more hearing scraping chairs or dropped items above us
  • A gas range.
  • The new appliance we bought.
  • A laundry room
  • Room for a treadmill (we have wanted to buy one for over a year now but didn’t have the space for one)
  • 2-3 minutes to I-15

Things we will miss:

  • Our wonderfabulous RR2 ward family (especially the youth and primary kids :(
  • Hiding out around back where few can find us. :)
  • Not having to pay extra for utilities or cable (we had a one check fits all kind of deal).
  • Provo canyon. sniff, sniff
  • Harmons (no matter how over-priced, I can find the best gourmet cheeses, breads, etc. there).
  • Proximity to BYU and UVU (I’m not looking forward to a longer commute, but oh well.)
  • The smell of freshly ripened peaches on a warm September day (gonna miss those orchards for sure!)

Basically we'll miss the location location location (I love our neighborhood/area so much!) but even more importantly, all of the awesome friends we've made in said area. We are so sad to leave those young men and young women and cute primary kids and their parents. We've felt so welcomed and appreciated in that ward and can't imagine finding any better.

BUT, we get to call a house our home! And since that has been our goal since we got married, and since that was part of the purpose of Hylan starting his own business, which the economic climate didn't do us any favors, but since we learn from trials and adversity and will appreciate what we have so much more, and since I went from a low stress, no jobs, cooking-filled, gym faring life to an intensely busy, nay, hectic life filled with multiple jobs and demanding/competing responsibilities vying for my sparse amounts of free time, and Hylan has been able to ramp it back up at the Chase machine, and since it's just finally the RIGHT TIME for us...methinks this is a good thing, a very swell, superific, dandiful, awesomeful thing. So please try to see it in context for us.

Any friends wishing to view photos of our new digs, post a comment or email me and I'll send you a link. I prefer not to publish my entire private life for the public eye to see, but I would be happy to invite you to our brand new unoccupied house picture album, or to our actual house if ever we do find time to pack, move, unpack, settle, decorate, organize, cook, and then actually invite you over to a house-warming party or something.


Marissa Marie said...

I want to see it!

Caroline said...

Congrats you guys!

Ginny said...

I want to see it please.

D & C Larson said...

YAY EMILY! I am so excited for you guys (and slightly jealous as well). I would love to see some pics if you don't mind sharing. :)

queendeni said...

I wanna see, huh huh???? I am so happy for you and Hylan, emily! You guys really are ready. It's cool when we receive such a great blessing after some tough experiences. All worth it.