Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Just That I've Been Busy Living Life

I haven't had much time to record the many things we've been doing. Here are a few highlights from the times I actually took pictures. My family members can view the whole array of images on our private Woolfam blog.

We went to lovely Victor, Idaho for Labor Day weekend with my parents and my sister's family. I love this place. So peaceful. It's my dad's hometown.

Maybe I would have gotten better pictures if they weren't out-the-window-while we were driving snapshots.

We stayed at this lovely cabin. Delightful accommodations.

We went to various places like the Victor Emporium where we just had to get a huckleberry milkshake because it's tradition. I also stocked up on huckleberry jam and chocolates because, yes, I love me some huckleberries. East coast folks, please educate yourself on the huckleberry!

We also went to Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming (Victor is in Eastern Idaho after all) for a ski lift jaunt up the mountain for a perfect view of the Grand Tetons! Love me some Tetons.

Just a funny picture of Hylan and Devin.

Yes, the Tetons and a kiss. LOVE.

We also indulged in s'mores made with homemade graham crackers (yes, I did) and GIANT marshmallows.
The next weekend we had good old fashioned hot dog roast and s'more s'mores over a fire in South Fork Canyon (above Vivian in Provo Canyon). It was delightfully perfect.

Other fun things not pictured included going to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, watching BYU get beaten up by Air Force at my place (okay, the beating was not fun), making raspberry jam, eating Sunday dinner at Sister's (still mad at the Eagles for losing), etc. Too bad my parent's trip was too short and I had to work too much.

When I'm not working at BYU or teaching at UVU, I spend my bountiful free time with some awesome young girls from church doing various weeknight and Sabbath Day activities/lessons. This night we made lasagna to give to a wonderful family. Yes, they decided to put a smiley face made out of cheddar cheese on top. Clever. Girls after my own heart, ya know. Aren't we cute? I still look 13, don't I?

So, there's a brief explanation for my absence. Maybe someday I won't be so busy living (working) life that I'll actually maintain a real blog! Probably no time soon. Oh well.


Preston and Angie said...

Wow, Hylan looks way different with the facial hair! Preston grew a similar look over the summer, but it's gone :) It's fun to get the update!

queendeni said...

You're a Beehive!! Lucky girl!!