Monday, June 21, 2010

I love leftovers!

Yesterday we had a delicious Father's Day grilled feast with the Harpers. I took home some grilled steak and corn on the cob and turned it into this heavenly salad.

Think fresh mixed greens from the neighbor's garden topped with crunchy coleslaw mix (not dressed), thinly sliced bbq steak, corn cut off the cob, green goddess dressing, a little salt and pepper, and all topped off with crushed tortilla chips and mango peach salsa. SOOO YUMMY. The only thing that would have taken it to the next level was a squeeze of fresh lime juice, but I didn't have any. Pretty good for a Monday meal after a double workout. Fresh, fast, and flavorful!
And then I couldn't let the blueberry buckle I made yesterday sit in my fridge any longer--too yummy to resist. Served warm, nay, hot and bubbly with cold creamy vanilla ice cream.
Too bad Hylan is at Scout camp and couldn't enjoy my late dinner with me. Now, if only I could get me some photo skills, but as it was, I had a fork in one hand and the camera in another.

By the way, didn't love "Catching Fire" as much as "Hunger Games"--this one was a bit predictable, but nonetheless, it was a pleasurable read and I'm still looking forward to book #3 due out August 24.

And my 4 month post-op appointment with the eye doc when brilliantly. 20-15 vision. No scarring. Not much change since the last appointment except that I don't use eye drops anymore. Ahh, life is good. And Mondays still aren't so bad. :)

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Caroline said...

I felt the same way about catching fire. It was kind of a repeat until the very end. i think that's why the third one will be good. it HAS to be totally different.