Monday, May 24, 2010

I Like Mondays

If you know anyone who lives in Utah, then you probably have heard about our snow storm on Monday, May 24th. Not little flurries--a full on wet spring snow--enough to cover the entire lawn! This spring has been very exceptionally un-spring-like. We have had a mere handful of mild, sunny, beautiful characteristically spring-like days. In fact, I've had to go to on a couple trips to Florida and South Carolina in the past six weeks to find out that other parts of the U.S. are currently enjoying gorgeous warm weather, even HOT weather, whilst here in Utah, I have lost count of how many times I've noticed snow-kissed tulips.

But a snowy morning can turn into this gorgeousness. These mountains of ours are really quite breathtaking and I just love the view we have of Timp from our current residence.

La Lune. My favorite celestial body to look at.

This is Mount Timpanogos covered by clouds

I don't have pictures to document the white-out wet mess that was this morning, but here is evidence of the beauty of our "blossomed-rose" desert.
There is nothing like driving home from a long day of work and Monday night's Zumba and Pilates classes with this picturesque landscape as the backdrop.

This is why I don't hate Mondays, even snowy/wet ones. And even though my step count for the day isn't stellar, it's also not half bad at 11,515--well above the 8,000 for our wellness challenge at BYU, and above the 10,000/day I've heard recommended by fitness experts.

Life isn't bad, ya know? Don't we need to be reminded of that sometimes? Especially during those times when were are patiently waiting and working towards promised blessings. Yes.

Today, I find it hard to complain.

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Holly Janeen said...

all i can say is... i am SO jealous that you are still in orem... aka ZION. i miss that view out my kitchen window and feel sorry for myself daily that i had to move.
but i am glad that you are grateful for it and i am of course inspired by your optimism and joy.
thanks for sharing :)