Monday, March 8, 2010

Radio Interview

Have you ever heard of Harman and the Breakfast Club? Yeah, me either.

I don't listen to much radio and we never have and never will listen to radio at work, but in any case, if you live in Utah and want to tune into this station KODJ/94.1 around 9:45 am on Wednesday, March 10th, you might just here my pretty little voice talking about pizza pretzels.

I'll remind you about my GTU appearance on March 24th when it gets closer.

Oh, my life is too crazy.

And ...I liked Alice in Wonderland...a wasn't as good as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but still liked it...especially Ches(hire) Cat. :)

1 comment:

Heidi said...


That is so cool that you are now becoming famous, and what is even cooler is that I am related to you. Go Hylan for picking right! Anyway, Mom and I are sitting here reading your blog and we both wanted to let you know that you are amazing! Mom says she'll see you when she gets back.

Love, Heidi and MOM