Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Radio Interview (sure wish I weren't a liar)

Or, never mind that wasn't a live interview. Totally anticlimactic and not worth my morning being nervous over. Have I mentioned how awkward I feel talking on the phone? I've NEVER liked the phone, unless I'm talking to family.

4 minute interview and some confusion about how the contest actually works. They thought Utah could help vote me there. Nope, should have helped me back in August. Too bad. But I did make it and now it's up to the official Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest judges to award me.

At some point, I would guess KODJ/94.1 will air the interview and feature my recipe on their website, so good luck finding it, but I understand if you don't care as much as I don't.

But Good Things Utah WILL BE LIVE and is scheduled for Wednesday, March 24 at 10:45 am. Yay, I like those girls.


Oh, and want to check out my CHEESY (pun definitely intended and it really is cheesy) story that Pillsbury posted. I'm embarrassed to admit that most of it is my actual wording. Go here and click on Dinner Made Easy and scroll over until you see this picture.

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