Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now I Know Why I Love Utah So Much!

So the allergy doc tells me the remedy for my allergies is never to move from Utah. Ever. Or, if I want to be adventurous, Colorado or Nevada would be okay.

"Why is that Emily?" you might ask. Well, that's because I'm very allergic to mold and dust mites (I'll spare you the disgusting pictures and just make this a word post). Yuck! That means no humid environments for me, because that's where mold thrives, but yes to high altitude dry places like Utah, because apparently dust mites and mold don't exist under those conditions. This very well explains why I have gotten sick each and every time I've returned to the East Coast for the past nine years! BOO HOO!

So as much as I love Pennsylvania and other places, if we ever decided to move, I would probably undergo 3-5 years of allergy immunotherapy so that I could live symptom-free and happy. Quite the time committment, eh? But worth it? Yes!

I guess Utah IS THE PLACE if I want to be healthy. Hooray for the desert!

Now I'll tell you what thrives in a 450 degree hot environment, PIZZA PRETZELS. All of you who have voted, you're awesome and I owe you big! I'll return the favor and vote for you when you're in some online contest, okay?

Yoga at UVU starts tomorrow! What a life? I'm employed by two fine Universities.

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Dad Carter said...

Hey Emily! I'm glad you and Utah were made for each other. I'd vote for your recipe, but I'm on too many mailing lists already, but I wish you much success. Pizza Pretzels sound yummy. I'm going to try them in a dutch oven sometime.