Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To the Tippy Top of Timp

So, there's this awesome mountain in Utah County called Mt. Timpanogos...and having once climbed seven miles to the top before, I have had a hankering to do it again, with Hylan. Somehow I got him to agree to the hike. We summitted on Saturday, July 25 sometime in the afternoon.

I rather enjoyed the experience--the wildflowers, snow, scenery, mountain goats--the whole thing is a metaphorical experience, what with all the rocky trails, the steep climb, the times you have to carry the pack and the times the burden is carried by someone else, the beauty, the burn, the hard work, but the beauty, sharing the experience with someone--but alas, Hylan kept saying, "this is all for you." At one point, he even declared, "I'M GOING TO WRITE THE BLOG ON THIS ONE." You'll understand what I mean when you see some of the pictures of his facial expressions.

To say the least, we were a tad sore the next couple of days, but I would do it again. At one point I thought to myself, I remember this hike being harder (we took Aspen Grove, I took Timpanooke the previous time) until we got to the last mile climb. That's when I started thinking, is it really worth doing this again? But then the climb down the mountain goes so fast and is so easy that I thought to myself, well of course, I'll do this again.

I'll spare any more details, though there are more, it's probably boring fodder for the blog reader. So, here are some pics. Too bad my favorite part (the wildflowers) was not captured. Oh well. There are only so many times you can get your camera out on a 14 mile hike.

Anyone care to join me on another venture up Timp before the summer season is up? I had to promise Hylan I would never make him do that again (I didn't promise that I wouldn't ask, though. Love you dear!)


Holly Janeen said...

way cool. call me next time you go, i wanna give it a try :)

Caroline said...

Aaron and I are game. We have a little extra load though:)

Dad Carter said...

Way to go guys! Can you believe I've never done Timp? Gotta do something about that.

Jason said...

Very nice blog, but I actually am trying to get ahold of Hylan Harper, I am his MTC companion.Jason Harvey

Emily said...


Hylan said to give you his email address:

The Mercer Family said...

Hey guys! Long time no chat! I'm wondering if you are still talking to us considering our last departing "lost keys" incident! :)) I just thought I'd check in on ya and see how you were doing. I have to admit. I miss primary and seeing your faces and the mean faces Hylan gives to threaten the boys into behaving! LOL Anways!! We miss ya and again, hope you're doing well!