Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flash Burrito and Other Free Stuff

Way back in December, Hylan and I went to a Utah Flash (NBA D-League) game at UVU with our bestest buds, Lynn and Nick. One of the highlights was catching a free burrito and sampling it. At the end of the game, one of the players threw his wrist band up in the stands towards Hylan because he had been cheering for him all game. I picked up the sweaty wrist band, put it in my pocket, and took it home to wash. I've since sported it at the gym. We had a fun night and hope to have a Wii tournament with our friends soon! (I'm getting really good at Wii golf.)

This time also reminds me of the time last August when Hylan and I went with his brother, Hollan and his wife, Chelsea to a Salt Lake Bees game. Before the game started, Hylan went down to get an autograph from the player who was on the cover of the program. He told the guy that he was my favorite...I smiled and waved from a few rows up. I didn't really know any of the players or cared that much, but it was funny.
During the middle of the game, my seat was announced as the winner of a free round trip plane ticket on JetBlue. Now if that wasn't excitement. I could have won a candy bar and I would have been just as excited. We of course gave the ticket to Hollan and Chelsea since they had invited us and paid for our tickets, but was awesome.
We also caught one of those tickets that fell from a remote-controlled blimp and later redeemed it for a free half gallon of Farr's ice cream. Yummy mint chocolate chip!!
I guess we can't say we've never won anything! Sporting events are the best! :) Go Tarheels!!!


Anonymous said...

Little did we know that we need to start practicing for this Wii tournament...shoot! I haven't even played golf yet!

Oh well...Let the games begin!!! :)


The Mercer Family said...

I just found your blog on Holly's and it's awesome! Hope you don't mind that I'm a follower now. :))