Friday, March 27, 2009

What's a good way to say Windows Vista is STUPID?

This explains some frustration:

So, a little job update. Apparently, each time I attached my resume to an email, those without Windows Vista probably couldn't open up the attachment. I'm guessing most people decided that someone who couldn't attach a file properly probably wasn't worth pursuing as an applicant for a "secretary/clerical" position. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Yeah, so now I'll be saving all my files in the Windows 97-2003 format when I need to attach them to an email.

This would probably explain why I had so little activity...

At least I found this out due to the three emails I received yesterday about jobs. And thankfully, at least I have an interview on Tuesday.

Now it's on to practicing my best dazzling skills.

And what the heck Duke and Memphis? Why did you have to go and be dominated?

And by the way, I quite enjoyed Quizno's Torpedo sandwich: Turkey Club or Pesto Turkey. Delish.


DP said...

One nice feature of the new MS Office suite is that you can publish what you do as a PDF. I always do that with resumes, because then when people open it up they just see the image: no red squiggly lines underneath my last name, no green squiggly lines telling them about my sentence fragments, and best of all, no compatibility issues!

Emily said...

thanks for the tip!

BrittbeeLynn said...

I've never used Vista...I've also never heard anything good about it! What kind of job are you looking for?