Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, darn! It appears the anticipated news for today has not turned out as favorable as hoped for.

Last night Hylan was playing some church basketball in a very tight intense game. With about three minutes left in the game, and our team finally up by five, Hylan caught a pass a bit off balance and immediately crippled to the floor. My first thought was that he rolled his ankle, even though he was wearing brand new ankle braces, so I didn't jump up like an overly concerned wife, because I expected him to jump up and walk it off. After a few anxious moments, and as a crowd of people began to surround him, I realized that Hylan isn't the kind of guy to stay down unless he is in severe pain.

My story is getting too long. Too make it shorter, Hylan reinjured his back. For the past several years he has had bulging discs in his lower back and in his neck. Last night, he reinjured the disc in his lower back causing his entire right side (arm and leg) to go numb, not to mention the unbearable pain. It never really had fully healed, but it wasn't bothering him as much lately, so the reinjury was particularly frustrating because of what he was going to do the next day.

This unfortunate incident made his tryout for the Utah Valley Thunder, a new professional arena football league, this morning near impossible. Needless to say, we're both a bit disappointed that he didn't make the final cut, but in the end, he wasn't functioning at 100%, and coaches have a tough time seeing him in a d-tackle position (they're "supposed" to be five inches taller and a hundred pounds larger than Hylan is).

Anyway, excuses aside, it is what it is and I love Hylan for taking advantage of this opportunity. We would have liked a better outcome, or at least him being able try out not injured, but perhaps it is for the best. By the way, on the bright side, our team did get the "W!"

Now hopefully we can get his back healed because our livelihood is dependent on his physical health. If only he would let me teach him more yoga!
And now it's back to folding laundry and vacuuming for me.



Holly Janeen said...

aw, that IS sad... send Hylan our get well wishes... i feel terribly sad for him!
crummy when anticipated victories end up as enjuries :( but i am so glad you managed to blog about it anyways :)
hope you and Hylan manage to still have a fabulously romantic v-day!

queendeni said...

I am so sorry to hear this!!! You guys are so awesome! Tell Hylan to take good care of himself. I hope granite doesn't kill him off.