Friday, December 19, 2008

Candy Cane Tree, Christmas Card 2008, and Lasagna Night!

First, this post is for Carrie, who tagged me (sorry I'm too lazy to actually do the tag but here is a substitute) and my cousin, Heather, who spoke about this candy cane tree in her last blog. Only, when grandma gave me mine, she handed me the spool of yarn and a big fat needle and told me she was sorry that she didn't complete mine but she thought I could handle finishing it. For some reason, I thought it was a huge project and chose not to complete it over the past few years, but Wednesday night I discovered poking a needle through one end and up out the other, and then tying on the candy canes was actually super easy. Go Figure! I love my new (old) Candy Cane Tree Christmas tradition! Not bad, eh? Now I can consider myself domestic. HAHA!

For all those who didn't receive a Christmas card* from us this year, I apologize, but if you're reading my blog you'll get to see it anyway!!! I attached the homemade version link, but if you just want to read our "Top Ten List," I posted that right to our blog. Merry Christmas, fair bloggers!!! Thanks for your support. :)

*Any local family members will yet receive their Christmas card as soon as we see you.

Hylan & Emily’s 2008 Top Ten List

10. Hylan had to be comforted by a child before riding “The Rocket” at
Lagoon. He whined while Emily laughed during the entire ride.

9. Emily made her T.V. debut on a local talk show as a guest co-host, winning
over the crew with her baked bribes: cupcakes and cookies.

8. Inspired by “The Incredible Hulk,” Hylan works out so that he can lift cars
off people (if the need arises).

7. Emily spent all summer hiking and working out, while Hylan spent all
summer out working.

6. The young men challenged the old men to a football game this Fall; it was
the first time Hylan realized that he was now considered “old.”

5. Hylan celebrated the Ute victory over the Cougars in football, but Emily
reminded him, “there’s always basketball.”

4. Hylan suddenly became more kissable once he finally shaved the beard.

3. Emily became an ACE certified group fitness instructor and tries to
practice instructing on Hylan, but he reminds her that he’s not a “group.”

2. A dream came true for Emily when she dragged Hylan to the Boyz II Men
concert in Orem, UT. She thinks he must have enjoyed it because she
caught him singing along.

1. Due to the economy, we’re bailing out of the Christmas card making
industry and posting all future “Christmas Greetings” and other updates
on our blog,

And finally, we had "Lasagna Night" at my place for a family meal last night while my parents are in town. I made lasagna bolognese (the sauces took hours!), homemade french bread (and turned it into garlic bread), green salad, fruit salad, and cookie plates! Yumm-o!

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