Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Biggest Loser and Cookies

I've been doing some holiday baking myself. And yes, that is homemade fudge (the old-fashioned tempermental kind that you have to beat on a marble slab) amongst the other delectable treats (the peanut butter cup cookies are always the favorite.)

Biggest Loser finale tonight, anyone?! Go Michelle and Black Team!!!!!


Dad Carter said...

You were known for your cooking in the 126th ward. Looks like your rep is safe! We just got your card. Too bad you're giving up the paper world. We'll have to just follow your blog.

Bro. C.

Carrie Lynn said...

Your cookies look to die for and they are so cute. YAY TO MICHELLE!!!!!! I was so happy she won!

queendeni said...

Emily: I want some of these cookies, you little cook you!