Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not A Cleverly Titled Blog

I have blog ideas; I just haven't had the time....

One thing I learned over the weekend is that freshly grated ginger adds the perfect, bright, missing element to homemade chicken soup. I love chicken soup because it's so easy to make, so healthy to eat, and I usually have all of the ingredients to make it: onion, garlic, carrot, celery, chicken, chicken stock in a box, fresh parsley, EVOO, S&P, and now ginger (you can actually freeze it in small portions so it doesn't go moldy in your fridge from infrequent use).

I've also been making a special treat for the past few weeks, Apple Chips. I think I've perfected the technique, thanks to my mandoline slicer, and paying attention to how much time it really needs in the oven. You can go here for the basic idea of the "recipe" I use. A sweet treat you can love to eat because it is, after all, nature's candy.

Next blog to come: "Emily's Christmas Wishes" complete with detailed pictures! I know you can't wait. :)

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heatherhite said...

That's what I need to do.... Only I'm not sure how many people in my family read my blog. I guess I'll have to give them the good old fashioned paper version of my christmas list, right?