Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Wishes

The following list is not exhaustive nor does it appear in any order of importance and is mostly for my husband, who grunted when I told him I was posting the list on our blog--I think because he didn't want to have to go through the effort of clicking on a link to our blog, or something?! It's also a great reference for future birthday/anniversary/Valentine's Day, etc. celebrations! :) And truthfully, I think I want/need the yoga mat bag and the slippers more than anything else!

  • Bath & Body Works products I'm favoring right now: Any True Blue Spa products (love the Margarita Scrub, Better Lather than Never bubble bath, lotions/creams, etc; Moonlight Path bubble bath or body splash; anything citrus like Mango Mandarin.

  • I also love Victoria's Secret Love Spell in bubble bath form.

  • I could use some new jeans, courds, long wrap sweater, high waisted skirt, dresses, etc. (Size small is usually a safe bet; or 4; or in dresses 2; jeans are trickier because they have to be wide in the thigh region--you know cause of all those squats and leg presses I do. :)

  • I'm also including a Digital Camera on this list, but I haven't really picked a particular one out, so I'm making it appear less important by sticking it down here. I don't need something crazy expensive, because I'd still like to receive a kitchen gadget or two, ya know.

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