Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gosh, I guess I do like Fall because...

I'm all Fall Festival-ed out!

What a week! What a weekend! Top ten highlights from the past several days:

10.) Beautiful bright sunny and warmish fall days (all week).

9.) Teaching Yoga (Tuesday).

8.) Teaching Pilates (Wednesday).

7.) Gorgeous hikes that made me want to hug Mother Earth. (Monday, Wednesday, especially on Friday, & Saturday).

6.) Apples, apples, and more apples and pies and applesauce thanks to more free apples! (Monday, Thursday, and Sunday).

5.) Having my sis and her fam over for the BYU game (the game not so much) but the company and her homemade deep dish pizza! (Thursday).

4.) Going to Lagoon "Frightmares" edition (fun amusement park in Utah kind of like Hershey Park in PA) with Hylan and his brother’s family (Friday).

3.) Forcing my scaredy-cat husband to ride rides like The Rocket (shoots straight up and free falls down = awesomely fun time for me, but Hylan was clenching the restraints for dear life) and other such roller coaster and roller coaster-type fun rides. I never knew my incredible hulk/tough/strong man could be so frightened. So funny I wish I had video of it, but I didn’t take anything with me in the park (still Friday).

2.) Going to Thanksgiving Point Scarecrow Festival with Hylan’s parents and other brothers and their families (Saturday).

1.) Writing turkey recipes for a contest and cooking, experimenting, baking, and eating! Fun times! (pretty much all week especially Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday). Stay tuned to see if I make it on air!

* OH and a bonus, receiving mail from my Daddy on Saturday. ACE Fitness test here I come! :)

I heart my life! :)

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heatherhite said...

Those pics of you and Hylan in the farmers cutout is so hilarious! Glad you're having fun!