Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kung Fu Pandamonium

Recently my sister told me that while watching Kung Fu Panda, there were particular moments she was reminded of Hylan. I told her that I had the same thoughts just watching the previews. Well, needless to say we have since seen the movie and I absolutely adore it!!!! It's such a fun movie for kids, and quite entertaining for adults.

When the movie first came out, McDonalds began offering Kung Fu Panda toys in their Happy Meals. One day, Hylan came home with a present. I closed my eyes and put out my hands, and opened them to discover Po, the lovable, goofy, and somewhat large panda from the movie. A few days later, we acquired Tai Lung, the evil antagonist of the movie. And just last night, much to might excitement and surprise, Hylan brought home my other favorite character from the movie, and the only other one I really wanted, Master Tigress!

The best part about having these three characters is that Hylan right now is much like Po, but football-playing Hylan of yesteryear was slightly more like Tai Lung. And I can identify with Master Tigress' headstrong, confident, disciplined ways. So, our collection is complete!

In other movie news, we've recently seen "The Incredible Hulk." I was actually excited to see this movie because if there is a character that really epitomizes Hylan, or at least Hylan during his mean football days, it is the Incredible Hulk. Before we even started dating, Hylan showed up to a Halloween party a few years ago like this. Sorry about the poor image quality, I need to obtain the original photo, but you "get the picture." Pun. Ha.

The movie was actually quite entertaining, although I was somewhat disappointed with the ending. This says a lot because usually movies of this nature bore me to tears, so I would recommend seeing it not only for its cool effects, but also for its larger universal themes.


kimberly said...

I want to see Kung Fu Panda so well as so many other movies! We really need to be on the hunt for good babysitters to call! Also, I forgot that I got married to Ben after I moved out of your you wouldn't have known! He wants me to make sure I tell you hi for "hello from Ben". :-)

David & Emily said...

OH MY GOSH! I totally remember when Hylan was the Incredible Hulk for halloween! I'll send you some pictures, I think I have some good ones :)

BrittbeeLynn said...

I really enjoyed The Hulk as well, and was really surprised after the utter failure of the last rendition. I'm going to have to go see Kung Fu Panda now...