Monday, June 16, 2008

Stuffed Strawberries

Aren't chocolate covered strawberries the most perfect dessert on the planet? How about cheesecake stuffed strawberries? Well, thanks to the brain of my husband, I took his idea and ran with it. These delectable treats were a perfect candyful* bite! I flavored the sweetened cream cheese mixture with a little orange extract and dipped the bottoms of the berries with smooth dark chocolate. Even Hylan and I were were impressed by our ingenuity.

This recipe is going in my cookbook. I'm writing a cookbook that has dessert ideas for holidays and seasons. I'm not sure where this recipe will go, but since I made them for Father's Day, perhaps that makes sense. Anyway, I'm excited to bring my ideas into a tangible book; it may take a little while, but I do intend to take it to publication. We'll see!

Eat more strawberries! They are loaded with vitamin C, potassium, fiber, folate, and antioxidants! 'Tis the season, find a patch, pick 'em, and enjoy 'em!!

By the way, I used the leftover cream cheese and chocolate mixture on some graham crackers. It furthered the theme of candyful cheesecake bites, so those are also pictured.

*Candyful is a term that I just coined on this blog. It's meaning is something like "full of candy flavor," or, "a sweet treat that resembles eating a piece of candy, whether or not it is actually considered a candy."


kimberly said...

Hey Emily! I love your blog! I saw that you had one on facebook, so I thought I would take a look!
By the way, the strawberries look delicious!
-Kim (McLarney) Tyau

Anonymous said...

Emily, you are amazing finding ways to present wonderful desserts, plus they taste so yummy. Good luck on your cookbook, definitely a must for YOU! BTW, I loved the healthy cookies and desire the recipe asap! Thank you so much, my dear!

Marissa Marie said...

That's awesome Emily! Not only do those sound really yummy, but they look amazing. Love your creativity, and can't wait to get your cookbook. :)

Carrie Lynn said...

Put me on the list for your first cookbook!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Emily!!! Love ya!!Deni