Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photo Montage

Emily & Hylan Simpson: I usually wear a barrel--it's my conservative apparel--and that was me on a curly hair day. Hylan currently sports a full beard and never leaves home without his sunglasses.
The winter of our engagement.

Blushing bride and groom, reception kissy face, view of D.C. temple.

American Idol Concert that we both enjoyed! Summer '07
Miss Utah County pageant with the emcee Hylan Harper. (No, I wasn't competing, our cousin Brit was giving up her crown that night).

I forced the crew cut man to take a pic with me on my 25th birthday. I'm the same age as Diet Coke (July 10, 1982) --lucky me!


Anne said...

Emily, Thanks for the pictures! It is fun to see you and your husband. Much like you I have never meet your husband... we will have to change that when Rich and I get back to Utah! (OR when you two come to visit US!!)

Amy said...

This is going to be great Em! You always make me laugh, so reading your blog will make my day! And plus, now I can keep up with what you are up to! Love ya! P.S You are beautiful as ever!