Saturday, April 11, 2015

October: Fun Fall & Halloween

I'm quite sure I didn't feel great in October.  This is probably when I started craving chicken pot pies (you know the cheap frozen kind that you had when you were a kid).  For some reason, they were so comforting.  I was probably still eating crackers and ginger ale too and foregoing anything fresh or healthy until I could stomach it again.  This probably explains why I gained a total of 2.5 lbs by week 19.  (Don't worry, for me it all packs on during the third trimester).

Anyway, somehow I made it to teach my powertone and yoga classes.  It was an effort each time and I uttered a lot of prayers asking for strength and just hoped I could hold it together.  I think I did. And I'm also sure I was given some extra mental stamina from the Divine, because there were times I could not have done it on my own.

By the way, my back pain did go away and it was most assuredly due to taking it easy at first (I couldn't do a lot the first couple weeks in to the semester) but then the exercise cured my back woes! For that, I am so grateful. I've been able to temper back issues this pregnancy much better (no lifting treadmills this time) and lots of moderate-listening-to-my-body exercising!  I stopped running almost immediately when I found out (because of my back and nausea and it just doesn't feel good to my body) but I started doing Tracey Anderson's 9 Month Pregnancy Project  to supplement my other activities.  I have really loved that!  I also got a Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga that I have done much less often, but still have liked.    

Enough about that though.

I also somehow mustered up the energy to get out a few Halloween decorations and my daughter turned in to a pumpkin head!

I must have found some energy to cook (and eat) because one morning I made Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Cider Syrup .  The allure of pumpkin recipes that time of year gets me every time!  But really, I love pumpkin recipes every time of year!

Hylan worked a lot this month but we did manage to have a family outing to Thanksgiving Point's Halloween Festival (OZ themed last year).  It was actually quite warm that day.  And so. much. fun!

 That explains why Glinda was there.

Naomi especially enjoyed playing in the giant dried corn pits.  I mean, who doesn't? 

We also found a train to drive!

 Because when you have the opportunity to take a picture with a giant cow butt, you do!

It's just a fun place to be with tons of activities for every age group.  It seems like it keeps getting bigger and better each year too.

Hylan was very ambitious with his pumpkin carving last year (pumpkin carving is sometimes fun and sometimes sounds like too much effort and mess to me), so he took on this project!  Do you recognize the kitty?

 Puss from "Puss in Boots" and "Shrek"

This next picture speaks for itself!  We didn't do any trick-or-treating, but I had to do something special for Halloween and "Boo" was just too perfect (and easy)!

We did go to our ward (church) Halloween dinner and Naomi wore her Elsa dress (like almost every other little girl that year!).  It was too long and we had to keep pinning and hiking it up, but still....

Halloween is such a fun holiday and really is one of those more magical holidays with kids!  Candy, costumes, bright colors, fun baking ideas.  I love those parts, even though Fall is not my favorite season, I still derive a lot of joy from it.

And that concludes October.

Next blog: November: Thanksgiving, NYC/PA!

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