Friday, April 10, 2015

August 2014: And that's how I found out

This blog has taken a backseat to life over the course of the past nine months or so.  Pregnancy has a way of exhausting the body and mind.  For me, it seems to render me incapable of creativity or doing much beyond basic survival.  Especially that first trimester (and by that, I mean weeks 5-18).


Back in August 2014, I begged Hylan to take us to Lagoon (an amusement park in northern Utah) for a day as a last ditch effort at appreciating summer fun time.  Stay with me, this is an important detail and I'll tell you why later...

We paid for Naomi to do a bunch of kiddie rides that I'm not entirely sure she enjoyed, but she was a good sport.

Well, anyway, a few days after Lagoon, I became suspicious that I might be pregnant after a friend from church revealed her pregnancy during our weekly basketball game.  It was a possibility but didn't seem all that likely, so I determined to wait until Labor Day to take a pregnancy test because I had never actually taken a positive pregnancy test in my life up to that point (I found out I was pregnant with Naomi at a fertility clinic) and wouldn't that be so cute to find out on "labor day" this time around?  Also, I must note that although I am actually very in tune with my body (thank you yoga and my introverted nature), my body is not very predictable.  I also wanted to wait because on the off chance that I actually was pregnant, then that would be one less week that I would have to psychologically be pregnant.  Mind games.

But then I had this horrible back pain--like couldn't twist/bend or turn my head at all--which seemed to come out of nowhere.  In hindsight, I think I might have tweaked something at Lagoon (maybe riding Colossus or one of the other herky-jerky rides that weren't even that fun).  I didn't feel it then, but there was nothing else that could have caused that kind of scorching pain.

I'm getting to the point.  The point is that I needed ibuprofen badly, but lingering in the back of my mind was this crazy notion that I was pregnant, and if I was, I shouldn't take any medicine like that. So, unbeknownst to Hylan, I bought a pregnancy test.  And then there it was--a plus sign.  My reaction was shock and a sort of freaked out confusion as I tried to process the idea of whether or not I was really ready for another child.

I couldn't very well keep that kind of news to myself for long though, so instead of trying to do something cutesy, I just called and told Hylan straightway.  Of course, his reaction was more of elation than mine because he was already ready for another little one many moons sooner than I was.

Then I swore him to secrecy for at least another month until our trip to Kauai in late September. It was very difficult for him to contain his excitement, but he did oblige me until I was ready to start spreading the news.

Next Up: September's Travelogue of gorgeous Kauai.

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