Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July, Best Month of the Year!

Oh, how I love July.  The nation's birthday.  My birthday.  Utah's "birthday."  Hot, hot, sun (air conditioning!).  Ice cream.  Swimming.  Water fun.  Flowers blooming.  BBQs.  Love it all.  I don't think there is a month when I am happier than in July.

We had an incredible 4th of July spent in Nomie's Waterpark Adventureland.

We had cousins over.  We played outside in the "pool," threw water balloons at each other, colored the concrete with chalk.  We ate shrimp, chicken, salmon, watermelon, pasta salad, veggies, chips, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones.  We watched Tangled and The Lego Movie (and I think Nomie sneaked in some more Frozen).  "Everything is awesome!"

We were treated to the best neighborhood fireworks show I have ever witnessed.  It actually was so much, so close, so often, so big, so long, that even some of the older kids got bored.  I loved every second!  And that's why there are no more pictures because I had too much fun in the moment!

And then there was my birthday.  I turned 25 again, in case you're wondering.  It's weird how the lines in my face keep getting deeper even though I'm so young.  Hmmm...

We celebrated all week by using my birthday coupons.  To date, we've used: Rodizio, Tucanos, Dairy Queen (S'mores Blizzard!), and Noodles and Company.  We've also gotten our Pretzel Pub Chicken/Pretzel Burger fix at Wendy's.  May it never go away, we say!

Anyway, Hylan made this awesome frame and promise for my present:

Since my birthday was on a Thursday, Hylan treated me more on the Saturday after: Breakfast at Kneaders, massage at Massage Envy, pedicure at the local place, and a new Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Kohl's!  That was the day we also went to Tucanos and Dairy Queen and Naomi got to experience the Riverwoods splash pad for the first time.  

 see, I was there!
omigosh that belly! :)

In the last week and a half, we've also gone to the Highland Splash pad  twice (waterfall, river, water fountain!).  It's super nifty, so I say check it out if you're in driving distance.

And of course, no summer is complete without bubbles and chalk!  :)

And super awesome crazy baby hairdos. 

Today's triceratops do. She's currently watching Tangled, so I can crank out this blog post. What, not Frozen?  Daddy switched it out.

Too much fun!  July, don't end! :)  Can't wait for Pioneer Day!!  Happy July Everyone!  :o) 


Brittany said...

I love her hair! Also, you just made me feel loads better about myself as a mother--so many moms I know talk about how they hardly ever let their kids watch TV...I'm pretty sure Thomas watches at least an hour a day (keeps me sane).

Bridget said...

You're such a fun, awesome mom!
And Hylan wins the birthday present giving award hands down.