Friday, February 1, 2013

The Birth Plan

39 Weeks today!

As of Tuesday, 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby is in "perfect" position.  Doc says I can go any time now and that "it's going to be a fun delivery."  Ha ha.  He's a funny guy.  But come to think of it, delivering babies probably is "fun" for him.

So, there are lots of opinions about birthing babies out there.  I will try not to be judgmental and simply state the way I feel as a first time mom, so please be kind if you feel differently than I do.

Personally, I think too much is made of "birth plans."  Even though I'm a definite "list person" when it comes to things like a chores/to-do list, grocery lists, or writing down short-term and long-term goals, in this case, I feel like making a detailed list of how I absolutely expect my delivery to go is not necessarily helpful.  I feel like this is a time where one needs to be prepared beforehand, but then have more of an "open book" and "game time decisions" approach to the whole process, else it's likely one will be disappointed if there is any deviation from "the plan."

That said, I do have a loose "plan" in my mind.  So, here are some of my general ideas.  

First and foremost, this birth will occur in a hospital with my doctor.

As far as drugs:

Sure, it would be super fantastic if I give birth completely naturally (which means without drugs to me), but I'm not opposed to them.  In life in general, I personally try not to take too many medications, with just a few exceptions.  When not pregnant, Ibuprofen is the only thing that touches cramps, headaches, and inflammation in my body.  Allergy medicine is a must any time I travel to the East Coast.  And Mucinex is the best help I've found for Cold/Flu symptoms because I often get that post-nasal drip and a nasty cough if I don't nip it in the bud early.

Anyway, so, yes, it would be great and noble not to have an epidural or any pain medications during labor (after all, I'd be joining the ranks of a 100 billion women who have given birth naturally), but I'm not opposed to it.  I figure if I'm absolutely going crazy with pain, I will proceed forward when it's offered.  Besides, I'm not scared of any implications--I think the benefits outweigh any risks.

In fact, Hylan has had several epidural his neck.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Yes, it's true.  Hylan has neck/back/spinal issues and has needed therapy and even epidural injections to help alleviate his constant pain.  And guess what?  They have worked!  I think the first one he had didn't help much, but the subsequent ones he's had over the past several years have.  The most effective therapy is still spinal decompression, but having said all that, sometimes an injection is just what someone needs to make it through after having suffered so much already.

So, 85% sure I'll go forward with an epidural, but if I'm feeling especially heroic, maybe not.  I'm very aware of my body and though I feel like I have a high threshold for pain, I'm also quite a sensitive soul (I mean, if you try to brush my hair and there are any tiny little knots, or you're just plain not gentle, I will probably scream.  Yet, Hylan likes it when someone pulls on his hair.  I just don't get that.)

Other than that, I have no plans to do any kind of hypnobirthing or anything out of the ordinary in regards to birthing positions.  Although I love me some tub time, I personally don't feel at all comfortable with that idea, not to mention, I really don't think it's all that sanitary.  My doc joked that he's had to help far too many naked women out of birthing tubs because they were just done with the whole thing.  No need convincing me, doc.  I'll bathe/shower in private, thankyouverymuch.  But by the way, if you've had a positive experience with that, more power to you!  To each her own.

During the labor part, I plan to move around as much as I can, practice lots of deep yogic breathing, and sit/stretch on a stability ball, because I know that feels good.  And hopefully, Hylan will be up for rubbing my back lots and lots, because that also is soothing.  And ice chips.  There better be some sweet ice chips involved, because I love me some ice!

Oh, and as far as who gets to be in there.  Well, we're private people, so that's a place for just Hylan and I, our doctor, and whatever nurses need to come in.  That's it.  Maybe I'll be more open to "company" with future children, but that's doubtful.

So, what else is there?  Um, We'll stick around the hospital as long as I feel like I need to since this is my first time and I'll want to make sure I understand what's normal and am well educated on a speedy recovery.  Plus, I imagine breastfeeding won't be easy, so I might want some help with that too.  Not to mention, they can feel free to teach me all about how to care for a helpless newborn, because it's not like I'll really know what I'm doing for awhile.

In the end, I'm just hoping that the experience overall is not miserable.  In fact, if drugs can help me not to focus as much on the physical and really appreciate the spiritual, then I'm definitely all for it.  That's really what I'm looking forward to most.  Motherhood is a divine and sacred roll and birthing babies is certainly part of that.  I've been so acquainted with the physical and emotional part of pregnancy, that part of me is a lot looking forward to the "reward" of it all.

I'm sure Naomi will melt my little heart and make me feel that it was all worth it.  Not only that, but that I really could do it all over again for another precious child too.  One thing I know for sure is that, Naomi will melt her Daddy's heart and I will probably cry when he holds her for the first time.  I just keep thinking that she is one lucky girl to have him as her dad!  I mean, the two of us will get along and have a particularly strong bond, but I just know she will love her dad and he'll love her more than she'll ever comprehend.

The End.

So, did I miss anything?  There are probably other details, but like I said, I'm trying not to have too many preconceived notions of how this process will go.  Hopefully smoothly, but we shall see.

We've been to the hospital to preregister, so now it's time to pack a bag, install the car seat  and have this baby!

Tips?  Advice?  Qualms?


Marissa Marie said...

Sounds like a plan to me! Hope labor and delivery go quickly for you. :) You get to meet your baby girl SO SOON! Exciting!

Bridget said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!! We are so very alike in so many ways. :)
I might suggest getting a priesthood blessing too. Dev gave me one a few days before each of our children came and they filled me with such peace and confidence each time which was a huge blessing.
I'm SO excited for you!!

Aubrey said...

Good luck Emily!
If you do end up having the epidural, you will LOVE it.
Labor goes by so fast and before you know it, she'll be here! Enjoy the last few days of feeling your baby move inside you. I miss that.

Katie Jo said...

Plans are weird right!?!? I have a tip! hehe When I was giving birth my first time they asked me if I wanted the mirror down there to watch. UM SICK, no thanks. I do not want to stare at my own crotch. Nor did I want ANYONE in there besides my husband. My mom ended up coming in because she listens so well. haha. BUT, with my 2nd, he wasn't coming out. For some reason my epidural was amazing, and I couldn't push right! I had done this before.. hello what was wrong with me?!?! My sister was in there this time and she was like.. USE THE MIRROR! Okay! I all of a sudden could tell exactly HOW to push correctly, and he came out in 3 pushes. It was crazy. So, if you're okay with using a mirror, use it! It really helps, AND ... it really is amazing to watch them come out!!! Good luck to you! Take all the time in the hospital you get, and let her stay in the nursery at night! You need your sleep... and it's the only nights you EVER get it! hahahaha GOOD LUCK!!! XOXO you'll have no trouble at all miss Yoga!

BrodieLynn said...

That actually made me cry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings right now. I second the idea to let her stay in the nursery overnight. I could not do it with my first one, and once you go home you no longer have the option. So think about it! Good luck!!!