Thursday, December 20, 2012

32-33 Weeks Rambles

So, my pregnancy app says I have 50 days left! Tomorrow, I’ll be officially 33 weeks. I know it’s too soon to be “done,” but I’m there. Even though I’m still frequently told I’m “small,” and even though the doctor said I was measuring about one to one and a half weeks small, I don’t think “small” describes how I feel at all.

32 weeks - I don’t think this picture makes me look small either!

Look, I haven’t gained weight excessively, but it’s still uncomfortable to roll over. The front load is still straining my back. And I feel like my uterus is in my throat. Yeah, gross. I know!

I did have a proud moment on Monday while doing yoga. I discovered that I can still do crane pose and hold it for several breaths. In fact, I can still do most yoga without too much difficulty, though forward folding and strong twists aren’t too fun.

I also have my humbling moments every time I step on a treadmill. I can’t walk above a 4.0 pace, and even that I can’t sustain very long. But that’s not because my legs, heart, and lungs aren’t strong enough, it’s because I get this terrible cramping pain that only goes away after I sit down and drink lots of water. To me, that kind of defeats the purpose of “working out.” So, I get frustrated, take it down several notches and try to complete at least 30 minutes of moving one foot in front of the other, all the while trying to stay adequately hydrated.

In fact, that stupid cramping pain has made it difficult to complete organizing/cooking/shopping/home decorating/cleaning projects, which as you can imagine, having just moved in to a brand new house and it being Christmastime, has been frustrating.

Anywho, pregnancy is miraculous and humbling (I just might have thrown up yesterday for the fourth time this pregnancy--it was either the Beto's, which I've never liked anyway, or taking the prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach, which with this particular prescription hasn't ever bothered me before, or from the treadmill workout, or a combination of all of those, but luckily I'm not sick, so it was a total fluke)!

Honestly, I’m just looking forward to Christmas being over so I can move on to getting the rest of the house in order and working on the nursery. Uh yeah, all of what I own for Naomi fits in a teeny tiny smaller-than-carry-on-size piece of luggage that is still packed and sitting in her closet. That means, we basically have nothing but clothes for her.  Her room is currently housing all of the pictures/mirrors we haven’t hung, our laundry hampers, the vacuum cleaner, extra pillows, blankets, and tablecloths, and some random coats.  But that will change soon enough!

I don’t really know what nesting means because I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks straight in unpacking, organizing, and cleaning a new house. I have often felt overwhelmed and really had no desire to decorate for Christmas, but since we brought those boxes in from the garage finally, I mustered up the energy to decorate a couple of trees, put out the crèches, hang our stockings, etc.

Because of all this, Hylan and I aren’t doing a gift exchange at all this year. What?  Yup, that's right. In the past, when I’ve heard of people not giving gifts to each other for Christmas, I kind of thought it was sad, or Grinch-like, or maybe even noble, but this year I get it. Honestly, we have spent so much money on buying things we’ve needed (or thought we’ve I’ve needed) and some things we’ve wanted, so it just seems silly to spend money on more stuff…since we will inevitably buy more stuff anyway.  Our plan is to just focus on good food and fun family-time, so no tears on Christmas morning here!

Besides, Hylan just might have bought me a Blendtec recently.  Yes, I finally joined the cool club! And I’ve used that thing about 30 times already (it has a usage counter on it, in case you didn’t know). By the way, deals that show up at Costco like that cannot be beat by anyone anywhere, so he was wise to seize the opportunity.

So yeah, I’m not trying to be a Scrooge when I say this, but I’m kind of looking forward to the holidays being over sooner than later (though if you’ve seen my facebook posts, you’ll note that I sure have loved my holiday baking and candy-making with plenty more goods yet to come):

...because then I’ll be just weeks away from baby-time and the inevitable happy sleeplessness and recovery-time that will accompany this huge life-changing adjustment. And then I won’t be pregnant anymore! HA! Though, I really have started to enjoy the “guess what body part this is” game, lately. Currently, I’m pretty sure that it’s a foot on the upper-right side of my belly underneath my ribs.  She sure moves around lots.

So, here is another long rambling post…because I’ve held in all these thoughts for too long whilst I’ve been busy with the mundane and some important things (so sad my classes are over at UVU—I’ve missed teaching this week, even though I’ve been looking forward to the end all semester long).

I’m almost to a point where I might take some pictures of our house to post, since it’s getting more put together, but that just seems like another project I’ll get to someday, so oh well.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas from our little furball, Kingo!

He's still our firstborn catson, our #1 babycat.  lol.

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Marissa Marie said...

I seriously felt like I was captive in my own body when I was pregnant. This little creature takes over and has NO respect for personal space. Ha, doesn't end when they're born either, but at least you get to see their sweet face and fall absolutely in love. You're smart to listen to your body. Exercise always made me have contractions. A lot of times those contractions aren't a big deal, but you don't want to push it. I know you feel done...but baby still needs a little baking!