Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Patty's Day Family Fun

Because I do follow through with my plans.  Here is how our St. Patty's Day Feast went down.

Rainbow Crudite, check!  I decided to go with the veggies because I already had a rainbow of colors in my fridge, but I'm still saving the fruit rainbow idea for the summertime--fruit pizza anyone?  And yes, I had to fudge a little on the blue, indigo, violent part of the rainbow.  There is also a "cloud" of ranch and a "pot of gold" of lemon jello gems.

Rainbow party favors, check!  I did some with rolos, some with gold coins, and one with marshmallows.  These are all packed up and ready for transport.

Pistachio Mallow Salad Leprechaun Pudding, check.  Simple and kid-friendly.

Chocolate Mint Cookies, packed and ready to go, check.  These were good, but a tad dry and not quite sweet enough.  They would have been better if I would have used semi-sweet chocolate instead of unsweetened.  Lesson learned in following recipes.

Corned Beef & Cabbage (and Potatoes and Onions), check.  I could really benefit from a crockpot with a snap and seal lid for transportation without spillage (but then I would have four crockpots and that just seems silly!) 

And a note about corned beef and cabbage.  I seem to think that I will like it more with each year that goes by, but then I eat it and remember that I find it too fatty and salty.  So, next year I'm reminding myself that I want to brine and season a leaner roast instead of buying the pre-brined meat.

However, Hylan was very excited to eat it and devoured it with delight.  

Irish Soda Bread (flavored with orange zest and currants), check!  I must say this was definitely my favorite part of the whole meal!  It was exceptionally delicious.  I definitely recommend trying out this recipe any time of the year!  It is equally good with butter/jam or for sopping up gravy.

Lucky Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt, ready-to-go, check. 

First clue discovered!  Ages 11, 10, 6, 5, and 3.  I was very proud of how the kids were patient with each other and allowed everyone a turn.

Another clue found!

Hmm, where could the next clue possibly be?

They eventually found the rainbow party favors under various beds upstairs, to their delight.  Admittedly, to mine as well!

You know how sometimes things don't go as well as you think it will in your head...well, I'd say this one was a success!  And I think the kiddos had a good time, which made it all worth it.  Not too mention, the rest of the adults got to just show up too, so I think they made out alright.   

Now, on to planning the next party.  I think it just might have a Mickey Mouse theme--I have a cookie cutter from Disney World that I could put to good use, but we shall see.

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Kira said...

can you post the mint chocolate cookies recipe