Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extra Extra!

Fantastic news! You know that little blurb I wrote about MyPlate, well the editors decided to publish it in The Daily Universe. You can read it here. It's only minorly changed from what I already posted, but still, it always feels good to be published, ya know? Even if it is in BYU's mostly student-produced newspaper.

Incidentally, the opinions published in that newspaper on Tuesdays and Thursdays are hilarious. I highly recommend, especially during the Fall and Winter semesters where people talk about shorts being too short, the inequities of co-ed intramural sports teams, or one student was upset because she thought too many people were worshiping Jimmer. The slew of responses that came after that were sheer genius. Anyway, it can be very entertaining.

On another topic entirely, I am grateful for flu shots! I haven't been sick at all since I received mine last October 4th and I whole-heartedly believe it is because of the flu shot. Before that time, I had never had a flu shot, but since my insurance was offering free ones, I signed Hylan and I both up because I figured a free flu shot was better than no flu shot at all. Now I don't think I'll let another season go by without receiving one!

Of course healthy habits like frequent hand washing, nutritious eating, sustained sleeping, and regular exercise have helped my ability not to get sick (knock on wood!), but I think the extra boost has helped my body fight off any germs before they blossomed into the full-on acheys and coughies.

So, now I'm a believer. Highly recommend! (Even if it does make your arm sore for a bit afterwards. Still, it is worth it.)

Random, I know, but I'm just grateful that I've been healthy this past year! I've needed the strength to meet all of the responsibilities I've had and still have!

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