Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party Party!

I can't complain too much about this week. On Thursday, I got to meet Cosmo the Cougar during our grad celebration at work. We're number 1!

We were being such gawkers, so I decided we needed to take some pictures. I graduated 7 years ago and never took a picture with Cosmo, so dagnabit, I wanted a picture with Kitty!

Tight squeeze! My awesome, beautiful coworkers, Allison above and Emma below.

On Friday, we had some friends and family over for our "Take it to the Bowl" Mac & Cheese party. I didn't take the best pictures, but it was fun to have everyone over.

Thanks Noodles and Company! You should patronize their establishment because they have the best Asian dishes. I love all of them, especially the Thai Curry Soup that a former coworker of mine got me hooked on! (Thanks Cristina!) The American and Mediterranean dishes are good too (try the Pesto Cavatappi). No, I was not paid to say that; I said it because I genuinely love their food and because they provided the food for my party!

I love it when Hylan wears his BYU Sports and Dance Camps shirt. He graduated from the U and never looked back...because he married me! And I bleed blue! HA.

So does Allison, she and her husband, Eric went to the BYU baseball game after joining us.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of Lynn and Nick (and Nick's awesome beard). I still love you guys too!

Oh, and I was craving some of those Easter Egg Krispy Treats with M&M's inside. So I made them...with strawberry marshmallows, though I couldn't really taste much difference, but they were pink and pretty.

And Hylan just told me he hates Rice Krispy treats, "because they taste like Styrofoam." Well, I think he's crazy, so please leave the treats for me, Hylan, thanks.

C'mon, adorable, right?

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on April 13th. Hylan turned the big three uh-oh on February 26th and my parents were in town the first week of April, but alas, I have no pictures of any of those things. Just thought I'd mention them.

That's all.


Eric Z said...

It was a good party week wasn't it?? I loved the food from Noodles and Company and the Rice Krispy treats. I will eat Hylan's share, crazy man!

Eric Z said...

That was from Allison by the way. I didn't realize I was on Eric's account.