Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goodbye July

Sniff, sniff. Please give me a moment to get over the passing of another July.


It was another fantastic July, but let's be honest, July is always FANTASTIC! I love my birth month and I will miss it for the next 11 months. Good thing August is still in my top 5 for favorite months.

So, I'd recommend registering with a few websites for lots of free foods during your next birth month. This time around I got organized--each restaurant is listed with what the coupon is worth and when I had to use it by. As you can see, I managed to check everything off the list but Happy Sumo. Seeing as how I'm not a huge Happy Sumo fan (I've only been there once), I wasn't at all disappointed.

I think Cold Stone and Tucanos are my favorite birthday coupons. Free ice cream. Free buffet. You can't lose!

Oh July. You are so good to me. Two holidays. Lots of food. Lots of hot weather. Lots of reasons to celebrate my birthday over and over again. Please come back soon.

Here's the list (sorry if it's a bit Utah-specific, but I'm sure you can find lots of great deals in your area too):

Dairy Queen (and yes, it did take me 5 days to finish the midnight truffle blizzard)
Sky Room (not sure, but you may have to be affiliated with BYU for this one)
Noodles & Company (first coupon I used because I love this place so much)
Red Robin (after reading the nutritional info on these burgers, I FORCED Hylan to share with me and eat a salad for an appetizer. Seriously, who needs 1000 calories in just a burger alone--then add fries and a drink and a dessert and you've got a complete day's worth of calories in one sitting. YUCK.)

Anyone got any other clubs I can join for next year? I'm all about the food quest.

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