Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Most Awesome Birthday Event

"Hey Hylan, I know what I want to do for my birthday. I want to go to Tuacahn in St. George and see CATS."

And that email was all it took.

So, we took off work on Friday and road tripped on down to HOT St. George.

We saw lavender fields along the way (and I want to go all the way to France to see lavender fields. Silly me.)
We stopped at Cove Fort and learned how friendly the early Saints were with the Indians as well as how resourceful. They built this fort out of lava rock. It was a stopping point for road trippers of yester-year as well as a place to hook up the telegraph. It was in operation about 20 years.
I thought the Renaissance Faire in Cedar City might be fun, but really we walked around for five minutes snapping a few pictures and called it. Nothing too exciting. We ate Subway for lunch and then continued on until we got to our beautiful hotel. Two nights of very pleasant accommodations.

Then we headed out to get some frozen custard upon the hotel guy's recommendation. Yum yum in our tum tums. There is actually a Nielsen's in Salt Lake and St. George, fyi. It's just as good as my favorite Orem spot, Coneys. Hylan had a maraschino cherry "concrete." I had the flavor of the day on a cone, roasted caramel cashew.Then we went to tour Brigham Young's St. George home. What a guy. What a place. Too bad we missed the fresh figs by a week. It was neat to see his "lion chair," cane, and hat box. The whole home felt like a blessed, spiritual place.

After that, we went back to the hotel and Hylan got his swimming on, but I refused to get in because of the children count at the time and our impending dinner out. Dinner was some more yummy yums.

Chipotle Philly Cheese steak with roasted garlic green beans and Hylan with his clam chowder, Caesar salad, salmon, and ribs. It was very good.

After dinner, it was relaxation time at the hotel. A couple episodes of King of Queens and I was out like a light.

My birthday morning was one of the most perfect mornings ever. TRULY. I couldn't make these things up. To start, we had a wonderful continental breakfast in the hotel lounge. Then we got our exercise on in the hotel gym, 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill and 30 minutes of strength training. Hylan even joined me. Then we enjoyed the pool. After all the kiddy kats left, it was blissfully relaxing and quite.

Conveniently, my memory card had an error in the hot sun, so this is the only evidence of our poolside party.

Next stop, lunch at the next door Island grill for some delicious tempura battered food. I ordered a salad but you wouldn't know it with all of those crispy strips on top. Truthfully, I had to push almost all of them to the side to get to the lettuce, but once again, it was quite the delicious tropical meal! Hylan had tempura vegetables, pork bbq, and sweet potato and regular potato fries.

After lunch, we headed over to the St. George temple for a photo opportunity as well as the Jacob Hamblin home in Santa Clara. Jacob was a missionary for the LDS church to the Indians back in the day around 1854 when nothing else existed in southern Utah.

Then it was time to reconvene and relax in the air conditioning at the hotel until the main event of the trip.We left early, got there early, and consequently had quite a bit of time to drive around and take pictures at Tuacahn.

Double ice cream sundaes for my birthday pre-show dinner, yes I do. I never do that and I still regret it--because I was sure full. Now I remember why I hate feeling that way. One was tropical, the other brownie, by the way.

We did have some incredible seats. Thank you, Hylan.

At intermission, Hylan got to meet Old Deuteronomy.

I loved the show. It was hot well in to the night, but the dancing and singing was first rate. I even noticed that the guy who played Macavity had danced with my cousin's company, SoulEscape.

To "get" Cats, you have to know that the whole thing is one giant metaphor for human life, and knowing that makes it all the more enjoyable, since there isn't really much of a story.

We went "home" to the hotel and crashed. Woke up to another fabulous hotel breakfast and took a much quicker, non-stop drive home.

And that was more or less of the story of my most fantastic birthday extravagant weekend trip ever. I really wish blogger would make picture uploading and arranging easier. Now I know why I normally do slide shows.

The End.

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