Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is poor, pathetic, exhausted me

Don't you hate workouts when you're sick, afflicted, or just plain exhausted from your overly busy life? I do. I mean, I love exercise. I teach exercise. But I also hate it too. I hate that when your forced to take a break from it, it becomes hard all over again. Especially cardio. Sometimes I think cardio is evil.

I mean, exercise should be hard. It should be work, or else how would you benefit? I just wish I had more time for it. Not now, though. There's just too much on my plate!

So, right now I hate exercise, because it's mean to me and kicks my butt. But I need it. I have to have it, or I just get even more cranky. I don't have time to be cranky right now.

I want to be more like her.

I miss the days when I took 2-3 hour long hikes, or even 1 hour. I miss the days when I'd go to more than one group fitness class (not just on Monday when I'm feeling up to it). I miss going to the gym and going from machine to machine just because then I didn't have to think about which exercise to do to target which muscle. Ahh, well. I guess there's more to life than just exercise, right?

Like food.

I also miss having the energy to cook more frequently. But that's another story. Another blog. I'm done. Probably go to bed in an hour 'cause life is just too much right now. Anyone got some energy to loan me?
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Marissa Marie said...

If you figure out where that energy store is, let me know!

Emily said...

Will do, Marissa. I probably don't have much to complain about when compared to your life. :) I bet you've been running on "empty" for awhile.

heatherhite said...

I'm in need of that as well. There should be a law against being too busy. 14 hour days are kicking my hiney, and today I said, "Nope, not getting on the elliptical machine. Nope. Not doing it."